GBBO Fans Were Disgusted By A Relatively Normal Cake Ingredient

Cakes can be complicated to make for those not versed in the fine art of baking. However, even those who do not bake, likely have some semblance of an idea of what goes into the average cake. Like the pies in the Broadway show Waitress, sugar, butter, and flour can be found among the main ingredients, as well as eggs and baking powder to help it rise (per Bake From Scratch).

The staples are always helpful to know, but lately, with the increase in baking hacks whether it be via TikTok or elsewhere, it seems people are discovering a myriad of other ingredients that help take cakes from basic to beyond delicious. And while it's understandable to be turned off by some of the more out there suggestions people have been using from tomatoes for acidity to sauerkraut for a richer texture, "The Great British Bake Off" fans seemed most surprised by an ingredient that is actually found in cakes fairly frequently.

Vinegar is a common ingredient in red velvet cake

According to the Nottingham Post, in a recent episode of "The Great British Bake Off," the technical challenge saw bakers tasked with making a red velvet cake, and one of the ingredients was vinegar. Rather than accepting the premise of this fairly common red velvet cake recipe ingredient, fans seemed to be put off by the suggestion to add this unexpected ingredient, with some taking to Twitter on how unappealing the addition makes the cake sound and another asking why the ingredient was added.

Vinegar is actually a welcome addition to many baking recipes, Baking Kneads explains. While its "sour taste and pungent smell" may persuade you to think otherwise, the ingredient's flavor and smell mellows after some time in the oven and when mixed with other ingredients. And, in fact, its acidity assists the "raising agents" like baking soda with their job, helping stabilize the dish and make its outside crispy while preserving a moist and chewy interior. It's also pretty handy at balancing flavors so your treat is just the right amount of sweet. Don't knock it 'til you try it!