Instagram Is Impressed With Martha Stewart's Apple Bread Pudding

Fall is here, and for many bakers, that probably means that it's time to welcome seasonal fruits back into the kitchen. But not all fall flavors are welcomed equally. While pumpkin seems to get lots of love from retailers, something that's obvious with Trader Joe's fall items, restaurant menus, and coffee shops like Starbucks with its famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, apples just don't seem to get as much love these days as in the past.

Roughly 14,000 types of apples used to be grown in the United States, per the National Park Service. But these days, only about 200 types of apples are grown here (via the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center). Still, there are those who know that the sweet-tart fruit is not to be slept on. One of those apple visionaries is indisputably Martha Stewart. Not only does she have more apple recipes available on her website than pumpkin recipes, but she also recently took to Instagram to share an apple-studded bread pudding that her social media followers couldn't get enough of.

Stewart's bread pudding is loaded with apples

At first glance, anyone can tell that Martha Stewart's bread pudding is loaded with apples. Rather than dicing or grating the apples, she leaves them in thick wedges. Stewart said in her Instagram post that she was using "lots of fresh apples from the orchard." So it makes sense that she'd want to highlight the apples' flavor by leaving them in big pieces, rather than letting them get lost among the thick chunks of toasted brioche or the ribbons of creamy custard.

Fans on Instagram couldn't get enough of the rustic bread pudding. "Dear god it's beautiful," said one. "I actually love you," said another. Others said the picture was mouthwatering and even scrumptious. This isn't the first time fans have lost it over one of her rustic bread pudding recipes. In the past, Stewart shared a brioche bread pudding with a zesty twist, whose ingredients included lots of dried fruits, orange juice, and fresh orange zest (via Instagram). It just goes to show that you can make bread pudding with pretty much anything you have on hand. And the options will continue to expand after fall and winter as more fruits become in-season over the spring and summer. But when the air starts cooling down and you're just not in the mood for pumpkin spice anything, a cozy dish of apple brioche bread pudding sure does sound like it would hit the spot.