Anne Burrell Is Celebrating Her Birthday In The Most Relatable Way

Chef Anne Burrell, who's best known for her roles in Food Network's "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" and "Worst Cooks in America," celebrated her 53rd birthday on Wednesday, September 21. To commemorate the occasion, Food Network took to Twitter to share the chef's famous Raviolo al' Uovo dish. Along with a video explaining how the dish is made, Food Network also shared a link to the recipe. The creation, which Serious Eats calls "the kind of dish that people talk about for years," requires ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, chopped parsley, both whole eggs and egg yolks, flour, salt, unsalted butter, chicken stock, and sage leaves.

In the past, Burrell has celebrated her birthday in extravagant ways. According to Eater, the chef spent her 2019 birthday in Las Vegas, hanging out at The Linq Promenade and riding the High Roller. Per Caesars, the High Roller is a 550-foot-high "observation wheel" that provides impressive views of the Las Vegas strip. This year, though, it seems as if the chef has toned it down a bit, as she celebrated her birthday in a much more casual way.

She spent time with her beloved cats

Anne Burrell celebrated her 53rd birthday in a way that proves sometimes, celebrity chefs are just like everybody else. "So far 53 seems pretty good," Burrell wrote in an Instagram post featuring a photo of her sitting on her couch, folding laundry, and hanging out with her two cats. Fans swarmed the comments section to wish Burrell a happy birthday — one post read, "So domestic and happy! Lovely to see!" while another said "Have a very Happy Birthday! Love the kitty hammock!"

According to Front Page Meews, the two pictured cats are named Marcia and Nancy, and they are both Maine Coons. She's so close to her furry friends that she often hashtags photos of them with #imaddictedtomykitties on Instagram. One of the most popular posts was of the two kitties seemingly striking matching poses on a couch. Burrell seems to feel similarly, as she captioned the post with "This one my FAVORITE pics of my kitties EVER!!!" In so many ways, it seems like spending her birthday with her best friends is the best way to go.