The Hottest Fall Seltzer Flavor Has Nothing To Do With Pumpkin

Fall is a season of harvest, with a handful of fresh fruits and vegetables being in bloom during this time. Some of these include pomegranates, pears, artichokes, and of course, apples (via Forks Over Knives). Whether mixed with cinnamon spice or other fruity flavors, apples are an absolute staple during the fall, popular in pastries or charcuterie boards. Not to mention, they're packed with a handful of benefits. According to Healthline, they're loaded with antioxidants and fiber, which is a great incentive to stock up on them while they're in full bloom at this time of year.

And one can't forget how delicious a cup of warm apple cider is. Over the last few weeks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes have been in the spotlight. But the apple cider itself is an example of a beverage that will still bring all the warmth and coziness of the season. Many seltzer companies are running with this apple craze and started integrating the fruit's crisp flavor into their bubbly drinks.

Fall is spiced apple seltzer season

Seltzers are not commonly associated with the dropping temperatures, but this fall, they are stealing the show. With autumn and the winter months, people might be hesitant to reach for a watermelon White Claw, commonly associated with the summer. But the release of apple-flavored beverages comes timely with the changing of seasons.

Waterloo and Spindrift are just two seltzer brands that have released limited-edition products to envelop this season's flavors. As stated before, apples are extremely versatile, making them great to pair with a variety of different ingredients. When releasing its fall product line, Waterloo drew inspiration from classic fall experiences, including campfires and tailgates (via PR Newswire). This inspired the company to create its Spiced Apple Flavor, which was brought into stores along with the company's popular cranberry iteration. The Austin-based business wanted to capture the essence of fall with this pairing and encourage drinkers to make great memories this season.

On the other hand, Spindrift's take on the apple seltzer trend is a bit boozy, with its spiked Spiced Apple Cider containing an ABV of 4% (via Spindrift). Unlike other traditional ciders, Spindrift's version is made with less sugar so it is not sickly sweet, but it still embodies the spirit of the season. So move over-caffeinated pumpkin beverages — because apple drinks are taking over this fall.