The Retired Oreo Flavor That Just Made A Comeback

Oreo is known for releasing new and exciting flavors that are usually only available for a limited time. According to People, 65 flavors have been introduced since 2012, with the first variation being a birthday cake cookie for the brand's 100th anniversary. So, why does the Nabisco-owned company keep releasing new flavors? Oreo's senior director Justin Parnell spoke to The New York Times, saying, "When we do it well, it drives our classic Oreo cookie, as well as the sales of the limited edition." He revealed that flavors are thought up 18 to 24 months before they're released. This process begins with around 50 flavors that are narrowed down to about 12.

In the span of 10 years, so many unexpected Oreo flavors have been introduced. According to Insider, some of the brand's most invented flavors include carrot cake Oreos, featuring carrot cake cookies and cream cheese frosting; Swedish Fish Oreos, which likely came to fruition because both products are made from Nabisco; and a mystery Oreo flavor that turned out to have Fruity Pebbles cream filling. 

Sometimes, when these flavors make a noticeable splash, they're reintroduced in the future to fulfill fans' appetites. In fact, one popular flavor from 2020 just returned to the market.

A brownie and cookie mixture

On September 22, Oreo revealed that its popular Brookie-O flavor is returning (per Instagram). The cookie is made up of three layers of cream, including brownie, its original creme filling, and cookie dough. The social media post featured a photo of the packaging and treats inspired by the delicious flavor mashup. However, this flavor is once again only available for a limited time. Still, one commenter was clearly overjoyed: "Dear Jesus, thank you for answering my prayers that have been shouting from mountaintops these last two years" (via Instagram).

When the cookies were first released in 2020, Reddit users shared their thoughts, with several people voicing their approval for the triple-flavor combination. One person was left envious, saying, "I wish I lived in the U.S." However, while the feedback was generally supportive of the cookie, one person wrote that the "cream is too thick." But if we're being honest with ourselves, that sounds like all the more reason to try them.