The Dishes You Should Avoid At Kevin Hart's Plant-Based Restaurant

Kevin Hart's familiar face has been gracing screens across America for years. With a ready smile and quick wit, the actor and comedian boasts a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a name that pulls a lot of weight. So, it's no surprise that when he turned his attention to creating a vegan fast-food restaurant, people took notice. 

In August, Hart joined the vegan fast-food race when he opened Hart House in the Westchester area of Los Angeles, near LAX. According to the Los Angeles Times, social media posts showed what seemed to be hundreds of hopeful fans lined up for food that Hart calls "plant-based for the people." What does Hart hope to achieve with his new eatery? People says he strives to provide the public with inexpensive food that doesn't scrimp on quality and is free of "cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans fats." (Still,  according to Eating Well, there's one important caveat — the burger patty contains tree nuts and soy, both of which are common allergens.)

While Hart's goals are admirable, has he been able to deliver the "Can't Believe It Flavor" (via the LA Times) that he hoped for? According to some reviewers, it depends on what you order. 

Hart House is receiving mixed reviews

Some omnivorous humans may be reluctant to forgo beef, poultry, or dairy. So, which of Hart House's offerings do the best job of disguising their plant-based nature, and which ones are a flop? When the Takeout visited Kevin Hart's new eatery, the outlet was less than enthused. Uttering that Hart House is a poor moniker choice, but on par with the food, "which is also bad," the outlet proclaimed that the plant-based hamburger looked like raw beef and that "eating it was a bad time." Perhaps the chicken nuggets were a wiser choice? Nope. The Takeout likened them to "a wet sponge dropped into loamy soil." 

When it came to the burger, BuzzFeed agreed saying the patty was "thin, chewy" and that the cheese was like "a flimsy piece of rubber." (Understandably, vegan cheese isn't for everybody.) BuzzFeed also felt the Crispy Chick'n sandwich seemed more like fish. The outlet did, however, enjoy the Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chick'n, as it was topped with the kale crunch salad. BuzzFeed also recommended the crispy tots and the "creamy, thick, and filling" milkshakes.

Whether you're a vegan or a mildly curious meat-eater, Hart has just ushered in a fast-food option that may (or may not) appeal to both.