What Happened To MobCraft Beer After Shark Tank?

Americans may not consume as much beer per capita as, say, Austria or the Czech Republic, but we still drink quite a bit. According to Today, Americans consumed more than 6.3 billion gallons –- that's a staggering 50.4 billion pints –- in 2018 alone.

With all that demand comes a need for variety and innovation. Enter MobCraft Beer, a brewing company that appeared on "Shark Tank" back in 2016. Over the years, "Shark Tank" has featured countless beer-related businesses, from the Fizzics tap machine to the Beer Blizzard drink koozie, to the BEERMKR home-brewing system.

However, MobCraft Beer's pitch involved crowdsourcing beer recipes (via Shark Tank Tales). In other words, if beer lovers really wanted a certain flavor, they could suggest it to MobCraft and potentially have that flavor made into a reality. Kinda cool, right? Although the "Shark Tank" investors turned down the pitch, that wasn't the end of MobCraft Beer.

MobCraft Beer's idea of crowdsourcing recipes

Crowdsourcing is by no means a new concept. However, applying it to beer recipes, as MobCraft Beer pitched to "Shark Tank," is certainly thinking outside the box. According to The Shark Tank Blog, MobCraft proposed a "unique approach" to brewing, in that the company would ask customers what kind of beer they wanted to see. After a few weeks of open voting each month, MobCraft would produce and ship out the winning beer recipe.

Whereas many businesses appearing on "Shark Tank" are looking for investors, MobCraft Beer was also seeking to expand its range of distribution. In 2016, the business had only sold its beer in Wisconsin and Illinois. With additional funding from the sharks, MobCraft hoped to ship all across the country and join the list of breweries in the U.S. you need to visit at least once. MobCraft Beer asked the sharks for $400k for a 16% stake in the company (via Just Beer App). Unfortunately, all of the show's investors declined. 

MobCraft Beer pushes onward without the sharks' investment

Even though MobCraft Beer left the "Shark Tank" stage without its $400k investment, the business did not give up. Today, MobCraft continues to bring in revenue through crowdsourcing, and has an estimated net worth of about $6 million, according to Insider Growth.

The business still runs primarily out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but also operates a second location in Denver, Colorado (per The Shark Tank Blog). Outside of the taprooms, MobCraft Beer is still really only available in the midwest region, with most of its distributors located in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. However, you can have MobCraft shipped to your state, so long as your state allows ordering alcohol for delivery.

In 2022, winning MobCraft Beer flavors have included a double chocolate doppelbock, a lemon and pomegranate lager, a double IPA with pears, and a beer with apple and caramel notes. Cases range in price depending on size, costing anywhere from $18 for four cans to $70 for 16 cans, on a subscription basis. Needless to say, MobCraft is doing just fine without the sharks' help.