How You Can Get Paid $20,000 To Eat Tacos

America loves Mexican food, but one dish has become a staple embraced by citizens from coast-to-coast. Yes, the taco has won hearts and taste buds across the nation. This palate-pleasing concoction may be a deceptively simple combo of meat, veggies, cheese, and spices crammed into a shell, but it works. After all, this south-of-the-border hit has its very own National Taco Day in the United States every October 4. Not a lot of foods can say that. 

When National Today surveyed 1000 people they discovered that 95% had an appreciation for tacos and 76% had at least one taco every two weeks. Interestingly, steak was the preferred filling at 26%, second place was barbacoa with 24%, and the third favorite was chicken at 18%. Which is more popular — a hard or soft shell? A poll conducted by ABC 7 revealed that Americans overwhelmingly prefer their tacos to be crunchy with 71% opting for hard shells. And, where are you most likely to find a vast selection of taco joints? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics clearly shows that Texas is the state that boasts the highest number of taco eateries with five of its counties placing in the top 10 for the highest concentration of taco places in 2019.

If you already knew most of this taco trivia, you may be a prime candidate for a job that promises to pay good money for devouring tacos. Sounds like a nice gig, if you can get it.  

Yelp invites you to travel, eat tacos, and get paid

If being paid to eat and travel matches the definition of your ideal job, you will want to act fast. Yelp is currently hunting for their very first Taco Trailblazer to travel across the nation taste-testing tacos at their top-rated taco locations. Yes, there won't be any one-star eateries here. Phew! Plus, as Thrillist explains, you will receive $20,000 to embark on this trek which starts on November 1, 2022. All the Taco Trailblazer has to do to earn their keep is create "three videos each month and a total of three blog posts about their experience at each spot." And, of course, chow down on great food and travel across this beautiful country. 

So how does one go about landing this awesome opportunity? You will need to create a 30 to 60 second video showcasing why you'd be the perfect Taco Trailblazer and submit a link to your own collection on Yelp which must discuss at least five eateries. These can be submitted Taco Trailblazer website. Why has Yelp created this position? According to KTSM, Yelp wants to help taco lovers find the best that America has to offer in everything from soft shells to breakfast varieties. It doesn't hurt that National Taco Day is quickly approaching, too. 

If this position piqued your curiosity, you'll want to act quickly. There is bound to be a great deal of interest. And remember, "taco cat" spelled backward is still "taco cat."