What José Andrés Really Thinks About The Tonight Show's Snacks

If you're familiar with José Andrés, the Spanish-born chef and humanitarian who founded World Central Kitchen in 2010 and has provided countless meals to those in need, it should come as no surprise that he has some pretty strong food opinions. 

In a 2019 interview with WBUR about his "Vegetables Unleashed" cookbook, for example, Andrés elaborated on the wisdom that "fruits and vegetables are 'sexy in a way that a chicken breast can never be,'" describing the superior experience of eating pineapple versus chicken breast. The Michelin-starred chef also told the Wall Street Journal that he would like to live to be 100 years old — and to do so, he eats leftover croissants or churros for a typical weekday breakfast. "As much as the nutritionists tell you that you need to start with a very healthy breakfast, that's not the way my body likes it," he joked.

Andrés isn't shy about proclaiming his food opinions for all to hear — including Jimmy Fallon. During a 2019 trip to Puerto Rico filmed for "The Tonight Show," the culinary expert insisted that Fallon experience the local food through all his senses before taking a bite. Andrés recently returned for another appearance on "The Tonight Show," and his rating of the show's backstage snack setup proved that the humble chef has no shortage of humorous quips.

Andrés showed his appreciation for complimentary snacks on The Tonight Show

After Andrés' recent late-night appearance, "The Tonight Show" tweeted a clip of Andrés, yet again, explaining to Fallon the importance of closed eyes when eating. That's not the only glimpse of the show that was bestowed upon Twitter users: The chef also gave followers a behind-the-scenes rating of his "green room" refreshments backstage.

In his Twitter video, Andrés seemed more than thankful and appreciative for the popcorn, kettle chips, and carrots he was given in his off-the-air waiting area. The standout snacks, however, were the KIND bars ("one of [his] favorites") and Justin's nut butter, which the chef deemed "the best almond butter in the history." 

In the end, though, Andrés only awarded the provisions a 7.5 out of 10 due to the lack of wine and Champagne in the mini fridge. A few social media users backed him up on his rating. "No Spanish wine? No olives?" one joked. Though "The Tonight Show" crew missed the opportunity to completely impress Andrés with his favorite beverages — he told Wine Enthusiast that he especially enjoys wines from Spain and Virginia — he did make it clear that the show's spread ranked as "one of the top" selections he's ever experienced. Fans appreciated his funny review, as one commented, "Love a good sense of humor combined with a big heart."