Why Cheese Is Such A Must-Buy At Costco, According To Reddit

If you recently bought your Costco membership, you might have some questions about the discount store and what items you should always add to your list. There are lots of Kirkland signature products that are better than the original, like olive oil and granola, and the Costco membership comes with many little-known benefits, like discounts on car rentals and vacations.

Even if you think you're a Costco expert, people online might share something that will surprise you. In the Costco subreddit, one shopper asked, "What are the MUST buys and the must NOT buy for a family of 5?" Avid Costco shoppers had a number of suggestions, and if you're looking for a deal you can't find anywhere else, one person vouched for filling up your shopping cart with different types of cheese.

One user said, "I can get two to three times as much Parm Romano at Costco than at the regular grocery store for the price. It is high quality and keeps really well. Same for a nice block of star cheddar. I grate these myself, as needed. If you like Boursin cheese, you can get a package of three for not much more than you can get one at your supermarket."

What Redditors say about storing cheese from Costco

If you do stock up on cheese at Costco, there are a few tips that customers have shared to keep your cheese fresh and free of any mold. These tricks are especially helpful if you only have one or two people in your household and want to make the cheese last. One person recommended sealing off smaller portions of cheese and commented on the Reddit thread saying, "Pro-tip for Costco and cheese — invest in a vacuum sealer, use food handling gloves and cleanly partition large cheese purchases into smaller chunks/portions then vacuum seal those."

Don't have a vacuum sealer? A few people mentioned that you can also pick one up during your Costco trip, but one person had a suggestion that doesn't require a vacuum sealer. This Costco shopper said, "​​I wrap all my cheese in wax or parchment paper, put in a bag with a small opening, and they take ages to show any mold and I usually eat it before that happens!"

At the end of the day, learning how to store cheese properly is worth it when you're buying cheap cheese in bulk. Just make sure that you don't put cheese in the freezer, and you can always use your extra cheese to put together a quick cheese board for an afternoon snack.