Reddit Thread Reveals Hidden Costco Membership Benefits

Everyone who has been to a Costco knows that the membership-warehouse store is good for stocking up on everything from French vodka to rotisserie chicken. But tropical vacations? Homeowners insurance? Rental cars? These are just a few of the hidden benefits to a Costco membership mentioned in a Reddit thread that is currently running hot on the Costco subreddit.

Reddit user "spellingishrad" started the thread by mentioning a discount for Costco members on car repairs and service. "I got 15 percent off a four-wheel alignment at the VW dealership today," spellingishrad posted. "Maybe this was common knowledge, but I was super excited when I found out about it two days ago (after being a member for three years)."

User "JSmith_JD" posted on the same thread that booking a honeymoon through Costco allowed them to save enough to essentially put a down payment on a second wedding. "We saw what it would cost to book directly through the resort, travel included, and Costco literally saved us 4 figures," JSmith_JD wrote, in what is, for now, the top-rated comment in the thread.

Costco members enjoy good deals on car rentals and vacations

Reddit user "whopperticious" said she was able to reserve a room through Costco at a Caibbean resort after learning that bookings through the resort itself were sold out. She also saved $500 compared to booking through the resort. "I was supremely impressed with the savings and ease of the package booking," whopperticious wrote.

Several commenters on the Reddit thread about hidden Costco membership benefits mentioned car rentals. "Their rental car booking is also epic. Fast, easy, no hidden fees, free second driver, and a huge discount over retail," Reddit user "drive-through" commented. They went on to clarify that Costco isn't in the business of renting cars. The wholesale chain aggregates rental-car deals from the major agencies and shows you the best available price.

Reddit user "TrialAndAaron" said they saved $100 through Costco on their annual homeowners insurance, and got better coverage. Not everyone on the thread found home or auto insurance through Costco to be such a screaming-good deal, however. As redditors often say, "YMMV [Your Mileage May Vary]."

If you scroll far enough down the Reddit thread about hidden Costco membership benefits, you'll find one that can't be measured in dollars. The employees tend to be extra friendly and often go out of their way to get to know you. "The employees are great!" user "amperx11" commented. "My dad LOVED Costco and a few years ago I went with him as an adult and was amazed that every employee knew him by name."