Rachael Ray Made A 50-Year-Old Omelet Recipe With A Bizarre Add-On

While some mid-century recipes haven't aged all that well – scary Jell-O salad molds and dubious diet foods come to mind – many other vintage recipes are well worth reviving, which is why Rachael Ray turned to a half-century-old cookbook to prepare a recent dish she shared with her Instagram followers. The book, which was a birthday present from her cousin-in-law and his girlfriend (how brave, to gift a cookbook to a celebrity chef!), is entitled "Dall'Antipasto al Dolce." But we couldn't find a digitized version to check how closely she followed the recipe. It's probably a safe bet that she made at least one significant tweak, though ... either that or this recipe may belong on a list of foods that make you wonder what on earth your grandparents were thinking.

Ray's creation consisted of omelets – she made three of them – made with gruyere cheese and prosciutto cotto (the latter, according to La Cucina Italiana, being "brined and steamed" as opposed to the salt-cured prosciutto crudo). So far, so good, but then she decided to top each omelet with an entire head of cauliflower. Umm, okay, that certainly sounds ... filling.

Instagram's response was mostly positive

While these cauliflower-topped omelets didn't merit raves from everyone, some of Ray's fans on Instagram seemed fairly enthusiastic about them. One person noted that cauliflower is "one of my fave low carb veggie[s]," while others called the pics "amazing" and "super cool."

Others, however, made remarks that, while polite, could be open to interpretation. As one person pointed out, Ray's revamped recipe is certainly a "new way to cook your cauliflower," Someone else simply stated, "This is an idea," although they didn't clarify whether they felt it was necessarily a good one. (They did include a few fire emojis, but those are pretty much the ketchup of the internet now as they get added to everything.) Yet another person called the idea "very interesting."

Again, though, would that be interesting in a good way, or not? Guess we'd have to ask the husband of the woman who shared, "He says, you never make me a omelette. Soooo, guess what we're having for breakfast!" Well, at least he'll be sure to get his daily dose of fiber.