The New Umami Flavored Trader Joe's Snack You'll Want To Try

It's raining fall treats at Trader Joe's and shoppers are delighted. From squash-based soups, dips, and pasta to seasonal yogurts, maple-flavored ice creams, spooky desserts, and pumpkin spice goodies — fall has transformed the popular grocery store. Even the drinks have been given a fitting autumnal makeover with apple ciders back on the shelves, and pumpkin spice and maple coffees giving the PSL a run for its money. There's even a brand new maple-flavored oat beverage making the rounds of Trader Joe's.

Amidst all the fall chaos at Trader Joe's, some fans have eyed a surprisingly non-fall-themed snack that's new on the shelves. The Instagram account @traderjoeslist recently found a new bag of chips at the supermarket. In a post with a caption that reads, "just when you thought your feed was going to be full of Pumpkin, this gets dropped on you," the page shared a photo of the new snack in question — a bag of Umami Flavoured Corn Tortilla Chips going for $2.99.

Fans are divided over the umami tortilla chips

The Instagram post shows the front and back of the packaging, which describes the chips as "savory, sweet, and delicious" and reveals that they are named after the Japanese word for the savory fifth taste known as umami. This flavor is supposed to make the crisp, gluten-free corn tortilla chips a particularly good accompaniment to juicy burgers and sandwiches. Considering how well-liked Trader Joe's umami seasoning blend already is, shoppers may flock to these flavored tortilla chips, too.

Fans who already tried the chips quickly took to the comment section to vouch for them. One fan joked, "Sandwich? I kinda sorta opened them as soon as I got in the car and they didn't make it home." Others suggest that the chips are excellent with Trader Joe's' red pepper, cranberry, and walnut dip, or the caramelized onion dip.

Redditors however, warn shoppers to brace themselves for a lot of sugar in the Umami Flavoured Corn Tortilla Chips. "There's some depth to the flavor but it tastes like 90% sugar. They're thick and crunchy so the texture is great but I hate the taste," wrote one user as another agreed that the chips are "WAY too sweet and not enough salt. Especially for something that is supposed to be umami flavor." Another Redditor compared the taste of the chips to be "like mushrooms and sugar on an unsalted pita chip." It seems shoppers may have to try the new corn tortilla chips for themselves to see where they stand!