The Ready-To-Drink Starbucks Favorite That's Coming To Grocery Stores

Thankfully for Starbucks fans, it's not always necessary to queue up at a store during busy hours to grab caffeinated fuel. Following its founding in 1971, the Seattle-based coffee chain has long since expanded into ready-to-drink and brew-at-home items, so consumers can sip on Starbucks any time they want.

Much like its in-store menu, Starbucks' coffee-at-home collection is expansive, featuring creamers, syrups, cold brew concentrates, K-cups, and Nespresso pods. Plus, the chain regularly adds new beverages to its line of ready-to-drink grocery store products. By 2017, Starbucks had a 40-drink-strong retail collection that earned the company $2 billion (via FoodBev Media).

Starbucks has moved well beyond bottled Frappuccinos and now sells cold brew and espresso-based beverages in cans, bottled iced coffees, and even a caffeine-free energy drink line called Baya. It seems that it's the season of something new at Starbucks once again, as whispers from representatives indicate that a new ready-to-drink beverage may hit grocery stores soon (via The Takeout).

A bottled Pink Drink may soon hit the shelves

A Starbucks representative recently told The Takeout that the chain is working on a new ready-to-drink beverage to add to its collection. While there's no clear indication as to when the drink will launch, two things are for certain: The beverage in question is the Pink Drink, and when it does launch, it will be available at grocery stores nationwide. For those unfamiliar with the Pink Drink, the famously bubblegum-colored beverage was originally a secret menu item that got popular enough to not only make its way to Starbucks' official menu in 2017, but also to hold a permanent spot there.

Similar to the Starbucks Strawberry Açaí Refresher, the Pink Drink gets its flavor from açaí, freeze-dried strawberries, and passionfruit, while coconut milk imparts its signature pale pink color and creamy consistency (via Starbucks Stories). Beyond its remarks to The Takeout, Starbucks has yet to give out any details about the new bottled drink, so fans will have to keep their ears open for an official launch date from the coffee chain.