The Try Guys' 'Food Baby' Drama, Explained

Buckle up, Try Guys fans, because the latest drama in the YouTube world is going to take you on a whirlwind tour through Scandalville. First, you'll need the background: The Try Guys, a foursome of well, guys, have an uber-popular YouTube channel (we're talking almost eight million subscribers) and a Food Network show called "No Recipe Roadtrip." One series on their YouTube channel centers around the guys making mukbang videos featuring "food daddies" (two of The Try Guys, Ned Fulmer and Keith Habersberger) and "food babies" (two female Try Guys employees, Alex Herring and YB Chang).

Sounds like a copasetic, respectable work environment, right? Indeed, everything seemed to be running smoothly until Ned and Alex were recently spotted by a bystander allegedly having a little make-out sesh at a New York City club (via Twitter). The bystander, alleged to be user @julia.ashley, happened to follow Alex's fiance, Will, on social media, and reached out to him with the photos. Will then reportedly leaked the photos to the public. Drama ensues.

News of The Try Guys affair has rocked social media

Nod if you're still with us, because the Try Guys drama is about to get even wilder. Firstly, big changes have been made to the social media accounts of all who are involved. Alex's fiance Will has deleted his Instagram. Ned's wife, Ariel, has taken "wife" out of her Instagram bio. YB, the other "food baby," has unfollowed Alex. However, Ned's profile seems to remain the same — save for a new post admitting to the "consensual workplace relationship" — with "@arielmfulmer's Husband" in his bio and a profile pic featuring him sporting his wedding ring. Instagrammers are commenting on Ariel's pics expressing their support, such as one user who wrote, "love you Ariel!!!!! you deserve all the world we've all got your back."

Over on Twitter, people can't seem to tweet their thoughts about this alleged rendezvous fast enough. An account, @nedfulmerexpose, has even been created to keep all its 3,000+ followers up-to-date on the scandal. User @colombochar took a humorous approach, writing "looks like the try guys tried everything but monogamy."

And, probably much to Ned's dismay, he has since been terminated from his position with the Try Guys according to a tweet from The Try Guys official account. "Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys. As a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a path forward together," it read. There has been no apparent news as to Alex's fate, but one thing seems clear: Ned and Alex should have saved their appetites for their mukbang food segments, not each other.