Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Glazed Is Making A Comeback For One Day Only

There are more than 40 different doughnuts available on Krispy Kreme's current menu, but none are more famous than its iconic Original Glazed. The sugary flavor was the only one available when the bakery first opened its doors in 1937, and has stayed a customer fave ever since. In fact, one Mashed survey found that 48% of people consider the classic treat to be the best doughnut at Krispy Kreme. Additionally, a taste test performed by Insider in 2019 deemed KK's Original Glazed Doughnut to be the best when compared to similar fare from Dunkin', Starbucks, and Tim Hortons. "There's something about its chewiness and sweetness that makes it addictive," Insider's Sarah Schmalbach explained.

It's clearly hard to beat a doughnut coated in Krispy Kreme's famous glaze — though one could argue that the luscious flavor of chocolate might put it over the top. Someone at Krispy Kreme apparently thought so too, and thus, the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut was born. Not to be confused with the chain's Chocolate Iced Glazed, this delectable confection is fully covered in a "rich chocolate glaze" that YouTuber Full Nelson explained still has "that classic glaze undertone that you're used to and very familiar with at Krispy Kreme."

Unfortunately, Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts are only available on specific days known in the KK fandom as "Chocolate Glazed Fridays." Sad, we know, but don't shed a tear just yet, as the chain recently announced that another one is just around the corner.

Visit Krispy Kreme this Friday to grab the elusive treat

Fridays already have a pretty strong hold on society, with 29% of Americans claiming it as their favorite day of the week in a 2021 YouGov survey. However, this upcoming Friday, September 30 is poised to be extra special, especially for chocoholics and doughnut lovers, as it's Chocolate Glazed Friday at Krispy Kreme.

The chain announced it would be bringing back the chocolate version of its classic glazed doughnuts in a post to its Instagram page today that, unsurprisingly, has been incredibly well received by patrons. "OMG FINALLLYYYYYYYY this is what I've been looking forward to for weeks," Instagram user @dimps_kr commented on the post. "I've always wanted to try these," another fan quipped, while a third said the chocolate-coated confections look "amazing."

The doughnuts will be available exclusively on Friday, September 30 at participating U.S. and Canadian Krispy Kreme locations, so KK fanatics may want to mark it on their calendars so they don't forget (or simply head to the KK website a pre-order a box). While you're at it, you may want to circle Thursday, September 29, as well, as that's when you can get your hands on a free doughnut and coffee from Krispy Kreme in honor of National Coffee Day.