Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Its Iconic $10 Taco Pass For One Day Only

Have you been to a theme park and heard someone talking about their season pass? For a special fee, they explain, you could have unlimited access to rides, perks like free snacks at select concession stands, and so on. Indeed, these "season passes" have proven to be tempting not only for customers, but also for the parks themselves. According to Skift, parks rely on marketing season passes to visitors in order to bring in a greater profit, thanks to the long-term commitment of pass holders.

What do season passes have to do with Taco Bell, you may wonder? Well, last January, Taco Bell announced that its $10 taco subscription service, known as the Taco Lover's Pass, would be here to stay after a successful testing period in 2021. The program allowed subscribers to make a $10 payment in exchange for 30 days of tacos — one choice out of seven varieties per day. Although the pass has been on hiatus, and rumors circulated online that it would be coming to an end for good last April, the chain has confirmed that it's coming back for a limited time for National Taco Day.

Get the Taco Lover's Pass on October 4 only

According to a Taco Bell press release, the Taco Lover's Pass is making a grand return to kick off National Taco Day on October 4. The pass works the same as before: $10 in exchange for one free taco every day for 30 days. There are a few catches you should be aware of. First, the pass will be only be available to Taco Bell rewards members (Non-members can sign up on the app). Second, hopeful pass holders will need to sign up on October 4, because the promotion will close after that.

Just how popular was the Taco Lover's Pass before? If it was meant to be a "permanent fixture" of the Taco Bell ordering system, why was it discontinued after its January debut? The San Antonio Current slammed the deal as "useless," noting that one free taco a day wasn't enough to satisfy most customers — and that most customers who did use the pass only enjoyed it for the free Doritos Locos Tacos. Meanwhile, Gizmodo noted that while the pass certainly saves people money, eating Taco Bell every day is pretty unrealistic for the average customer — even the Tex-Mex superfan.