Guy Fieri's Heartwarming Tribute To Coolio

Rapper Coolio, who was best known for his song "Gangsta's Paradise," passed away unexpectedly at the age of 59, per CNN. On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 28, firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department reported to a residential home where Coolio was found unresponsive on his friend's bathroom floor. After several attempts of resuscitation, the rapper was officially pronounced dead just before 5 p.m. The cause of death is still unknown, according to CNN.

Music wasn't the only talent Coolio was known for. He also hosted and appeared on many cooking shows in the recent years. According to Cook Backstage, Coolio was the host of Oxygen's "Coolio's Rules," which showcased his catering business. He then went on to star in "Cookin' with Coolio," an internet series that featured affordable yet tasty "ghetto gourmet." According to CNN, the rapper-turned-chef also made appearances on "Celebrity Cook Off" and "Celebrity Chopped." Because he had such a connection to the culinary world, it's obvious that chefs who have worked with him are feeling the effects of his loss. One such cook is Guy Fieri, who posted a tribute to Twitter following Coolio's death.

Guy Fieri was once his coach

Guy Fieri, also known as the "Mayor of Flavortown," posted a Twitter tribute honoring Coolio on Thursday. Along with a photo of the two cooking together, he wrote, "RIP my rappin' & cookin' friend [Coolio]! The REAL deal!" Twitter users in the comments joined Fieri in mourning. One person's comment read, "I can't believe that he passed away ... may he Rest In Peace," while another person wrote, "Coolio was a real chicken guy, may he rest in flavor."

Coolio and Fieri had a solid relationship; Coolio was a member of Fieri's team on the Food Network show "Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off," per Grantland. During the show's season finale, Coolio and actor Lou Diamond Phillips had to manage their own individual fine dining restaurants. In the end, Phillips beat out Coolio, leaving the show as a winner. In 2016, Coolio defined himself as a "kitchen pimp," according to People: "Pimp your kitchen and don't let your kitchen pimp you." And the feeling between Fieri and Coolio was mutual. Coolio also extended his self-proclaimed title to his former coach and friend: "Guy Fieri is a kitchen pimp" (per People).