Yes, You Can Make Your House Smell Like Texas Roadhouse's Buttered Rolls

Are you sick of the stereotypical fall scents of apples and leaves? Have you ever walked into your house and thought "My God, what I wouldn't do to make my living room smell like fresh rolls and honey butter?" If any of this speaks to you, then does Texas Roadhouse have an offer for you.

While Texas Roadhouse is well-known for its cuts of steak, Texan-themed atmosphere, and line-dancing servers (via Facebook), the steakhouse is also famous for its fresh-baked yeast rolls and sweet honey butter. According to the restaurant, the rolls are baked fresh in-store every five minutes and served as a complimentary snack for arriving guests. To give you a rough estimate as to just how popular these rolls are, a Texas Roadhouse in Ohio believes they sold up to 5 million rolls each week in 2019 alone. Were it socially acceptable, one could easily make a meal of the free peanuts, butter, and rolls alone.

Of course, being a Texas Roadhouse product, you can only find these rolls in the steakhouse. Unless you were to follow a copycat recipe, you probably wouldn't expect to smell the aroma of butter and yeast in your home. That is, until the restaurant announced that it would be giving its customers something that will bring back memories of that delicious steak dinner over and over again.

How can you get a Texas Roadhouse candle?

Texas Roadhouse has opened up a new online store, featuring T-shirts, baseball caps, stickers, tote bags, and surprisingly, bags of peanut brittle. While peanut brittle and socks are all well and good, we're here to talk about a certain piece of home decoration: candles. More specifically, Honey Cinnamon Butter scented candles, just like the kind you get with your rolls at your local Texas Roadhouse.

Restaurant Business Online notes that the candles come in limits of three (which means no putting candles in every room of the house) and are priced at a modest price of $12 each. Each candle has two wicks and can burn for up to 50 hours. Eat This, Not That reports that the candles were so popular that when they attempted to order a candle for a more in-depth review, they discovered that the entire stock of candles had been sold out in less than a day. Seems some people really like the smell of honey butter.

Companies selling food-scented candles isn't anything new. In 2020, McDonald's dabbled in releasing candles that would supposedly smell like a hot and juicy Quarter Pounder, while KFC released two candles bearing classic Kentucky Fried aromas of either gravy (via Delish) or 11 herbs and spices (via Eater). Whether or not gravy and Quarter Pounders smell more invigorating than honey butter, we'll leave up to you.