The Purple M&M Is Already Getting Shipped With A Fast-Food Mascot

In case you haven't heard, there is a new member of the M&M mascot posse, and her name is Purple. In a press release, Mars says its latest hire brims with "self-awareness, authenticity, and confidence," and in keeping with her "be true to thine self" nature, she has been introduced to the world via a video of her belting out an original song called "I'm Just Gonna Be Me." She has also kicked off her new role by raising money for an admirable cause: People magazine shares that every time her video is streamed on any major platform, Mars will donate one dollar to Sing for Hope. Apparently, the new M&M's color is determined to win her way into the hearts of a public that has been enjoying the antics of Yellow and Red for years. 

So what do the other M&M shades think about having someone else sharing their spotlight? It seems that the existing hues have accepted their new friend into the fold with open arms, joining in her vocal debut with looks of admiration and joy. Yet, some of the folks on Twitter seem eager to match her up with a completely different kindred spirit, and the one they have in mind is a famed face from the realm of fast food.  

McDonald's thinks Purple would be a great friend for Grimace

When M&M's tweeted a photo of their new purple candy mascot, McDonald's replied, saying "Her and Grimace would be friends." How did M&M respond? They agreed, tweeting, "We think so too." And the "likes" continue to pour in, suggesting that many agree.

This pairing may be just what McDonald's furry purple blob needs. For years, his origins have been the subject of great debate with many asking, "What the heck is Grimace?" In 2021, the manager of a McDonald's in Windsor, Canada (and the recipient of the Outstanding Manager of the Year award) made headlines when he revealed that Grimace is nothing more than a giant taste bud (via CBC). The fast food corporation shared a similar response with Today back in 2014: "Whether he's a taste bud, a milkshake or just your favorite purple blob — the best part about Grimace is that he means different things to different people." 

While Grimace's identity remains somewhat blurry, the purple duo do have quite a bit in common, including successful ad campaigns. The appearance of Grimace in McDonald's 2022 Super Bowl commercial has catapulted him back into the limelight and Purple's promising career looks set for takeoff. Perhaps someday, M&M's and McDonald's will unite these round purple characters and offer customers candies to follow their Big Macs.