Reddit Is In Shambles Over The Prices At A Los Angeles Burger King

2022 has brought about record inflation (via CNBC). From gas prices to food, few industries were spared from the downstream effects of raised prices. Given that the fast food industry often depends on supplies from other players in different sectors for core ingredients like meat, it should be no surprise that they have been particularly impacted (via News Nation). With that in mind, the sticker shock of the new prices can still be jarring for dedicated fans who are used to paying a specific price.

Burger King fans in Los Angeles are a shining example of this. On Reddit, fans of the whooper palace were in shambles over the high cost of food at the location. This led to a plethora of takes from fans of the fast food chain. Let's look at the thread to understand why fans were disappointed and what solutions fans suggest to combat the higher costs.

Even Los Angeles has its limits

With the country experiencing inflation, Americans have grown to expect higher costs at some of their favorite stores. However, it still has limits. A Burger King in Los Angeles had Reddit in a frenzy when a picture of the menu and its prices were posted in a thread, with a Whopper meal costing nearly $11.

One user joked, "Those look like the prices here in Canada...although I guess those are higher since USD is higher." A former employee argued that it was a sign of the times when they said, "That's just Burger King in general, my dude. I worked at one in Michigan, and the prices weren't much lower. Maybe like 1.50 less, if even. And that was like 3ish years ago. It's probably even closer now."

Thankfully, one user had a solution by suggesting, "Use the app. There's always a deal. I never buy Burger King off the menu."