The Unexpected Place In New York You Can Get Subway Sandwiches

Many fast-food chains find themselves in the most unexpected of places. Weird California tells us that you can ride the rails to McDonald's in Barstow, where McDonald's and other fast-food outlets have set up shop in a collection of repurposed passenger cars. CNN reports that you can grab a Whopper Jr. and some fries and hang out in a real Finnish sauna at one particular Burger King in Helsinki, Finland (whether or not you can sweat it out with the King himself is yet to be seen). Cracked says that, should you find yourself in Giza looking at those pyramids, you can cool down from the desert heat and gnaw down cheese sticks in a conveniently nearby Pizza Hut. It seems that no matter where you go, the world of greasy, cheap, and easy food is always one step away.

But if you asked where you could get Subway in New York, you'll probably get the usual answers. "Take a left and head down West 34th Street," or "Hang a right on so-and-so street and it'll be on your left; can't miss it." Some may even try to direct you to a place where you can find authentic Italian hoagies. While Subways aren't exactly the most uncommon places in New York, you won't find yourself looking too hard to find one in the Empire State.

But, there is one place in New York where you may have never expected to find a sandwich shop, let alone a restaurant at all.

You can get Subway at this Buffalo church

You may have heard about getting your daily bread at church, but you may not have expected it to come in the form of a footlong. This is the case at True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York, where a Subway restaurant is built right into the church itself.

According to CNN Money, this particular Subway restaurant was opened in 2003 or 2004 by none other than the church's reverend Darius Pridgen. The purpose of the restaurant, it seems, was twofold: to provide job training for those in the community and give the hungry a good meal. The Buffalo News tells us that the TV series "Undercover Boss" ran an episode on the church's Subway, in which Subway's chief development officer Don Fertman visited the restaurant as an eager new employee. Fertman seemed impressed by the Subway's operation, praising it as "a perfect example of how a restaurant can be used to help the community."

Although a Subway in a church is admittedly strange, despite its good intention, it's not the first time a Subway has been seen in a rather unexpected place in New York. According to Gothamist, there was actually a Subway restaurant located at the top of the World Trade Center – or at least, during the skyscraper's construction. Built out of container "pods," the Subway shop would be elevated along the building to give workers a quick and easy lunch without them descending back to ground level.