The Fan Favorite Holiday Doughs Nestlé Toll House Just Brought Back

When you take a moment to consider the best store-bought cookie dough, you may have fond memories of taste testing the Nestlé Toll House brand. Truth be told, chocolate chip cookies are a staple treat for most Americans. Seasonal celebrations especially signify a time of year when old recipes are pulled out of hidden places and made for family enjoyment. Interestingly enough, a 2020 survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Bob's Red Mill revealed that 40% of 2,000 participants looked forward to making chocolate chip cookies more than any other variety during the holiday season (per SWNSdigital).

And what better way to celebrate than by making the original chocolate chip cookie recipe developed by Ruth Wakefield at the Toll House Inn in the 1930s (via New England Today)? However, if you don't have time to follow a recipe this December, Nestlé Toll House has your needs covered with its colorful assortment of refrigerated cookie dough products. In addition to the many flavors listed on the Nestlé Toll House website like peanut butter chocolate chip and white chip macadamia nut, the popular cookie brand just announced the release of fun holiday flavors to help you celebrate this year's festive season.

Nestlé Toll House spreads holiday cheer with refrigerated dough varieties

The love for Nestlé Toll House is real among cookie lovers. Not only are certain sweets aficionados on Reddit eating entire packages of the brand's refrigerated dough, but the brand knows how to spread excitement among its fans by releasing new Nestlé Toll House ready-to-bake items and special dough assortments.

In early July, Nestlé announced the return of the brand's seasonal fall varieties on Instagram and social media users responded with complete exuberance. As cookie lovers lean into their love of Autumn inspired flavors, Nestlé decided to surprise fans yesterday by looking ahead and announcing its upcoming holiday assortment. The recent Instagram post reveals that peppermint cocoa cookie dough and the M&M mini holiday variety will be two winter flavors cookie lovers can expect to see starting sometime in October through the end of the holiday season.

According to a press release sent to Mashed, the peppermint variety transforms that beloved cup of hot chocolate into cookie form and includes white and red peppermint chunks, while the M&M flavor fuses the decadence of Nestlé sugar cookie dough and red and green M&M pieces.

Upon the release of the flavors on social media, cookie lovers far and wide couldn't hold back their excitement. For one Instagrammer, Nestlé Toll House rolling out its holiday assortment signifies their "favorite time of year."