TikTok Is Baffled By McDonald's McPlant Policy

If there's one thing a good company knows, it's that if you want to make as much money as possible, you sell to as many people as you can. Whether selling Happy Meals to kids or having admittedly less-than-stellar forays into the world of "premium burgers" for fast food gourmands (via Nation's Restaurant News), McDonald's has its golden arches in just about every consumer group you can think of. It even rolled out a special menu option for vegetarians, the McPlant.

If you're wondering just where this plant-based burger is at your local McDonald's, the company very recently ended its trial collaboration with Beyond Meat here in the United States (via CNBC), meaning that the McPlant isn't available for sale anymore at McDonald's in the states. In the United Kingdom and Australia, however, the McPlant is still up on the menu. The plant-based burger seems to have been met with a positive reception in the United Kingdom, as Plant Based News reports that McDonald's Ireland is "delighted" with the sandwich.

But no matter where it's sold, one has to admit that a vegan option for a place as focused on meat as McDonald's may be a strange addition. After all, a product that is marketed towards vegans is limited in how it can be served. What exactly can be served on a McPlant that could still keep it vegan, but prevent it from being "fake meat" on a bun?

It seems cheese isn't one of those options.

McPlants aren't allowed to be topped with cheese

"I'm back for vengeance out of pure spite." This is the statement of one TikTok user who details his experience at his local McDonald's. He orders a McPlant meal with "normal cheese" rather than the special vegan cheese, only to be denied. Even when he asked for the slice of cheese to be served in a separate box, he was denied. The reason the employee gives him when he returns to try again is that "adding cheese goes against the whole vegan thing." When he asks for the McPlant without cheese alongside a single slice of cheese on the side, an employee comes out to deny this request. This bizarre exchange shocked many viewers.

"HOW IS IT ANY OF THEIR BUSINESS WHAT U DO WITH UR FOOD!?" raved one user, adding "U even said u'd pay the full prise of a cheeseburger! for a SLICE of cheese!" Another wrote, "I'm vegan and I'm not sure why they have this rule?" And one user joked, "Bro sounded like he wanted to throw hands over giving you cheese."

Considering the first video became so popular that, upon going to another McDonald's and making the same request, the employee recognizes him. Even more surprising, they actually gave him his order in its entirety — a plain McPlant with a side order of a single slice of cheese. 

And who says fame doesn't pay?