What A Typical Breakfast Looks Like In Australia

Our planet Earth is so big that there's even a country (also a continent) called "the land Down Under." Before that, it was called Terra Australis Incognita, meaning "the unknown southern land" (per Times of India). Yes, Australia is really a case for itself, located near the bottom of the southern hemisphere. But due to its location, Australia is very diverse and famous for many things, such as Aboriginal culture and art, huge rainforests, beautiful beaches, adorable koalas and kangaroos, and high-quality wine (via Celebrity Cruises). 

And from one coast to another, the country also has many traditional foods you can't find anywhere else, so it could be nice to taste most of the food Australia offers. Nomad Paradise revealed a list of typical Australian foods, such as Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits), flavorful meat pies or sausage rolls, and the world-known Aussie barbecue, affectionately called "barbie." After a big meal, order a fruity, meringue-based Pavlova cake, which is still a reason for origin disputes between Australia and New Zealand. And besides these great lunch and dessert options, Australian breakfast is also a really good reason to visit the country.

A typical Aussie breakfast includes smashed avocado on toast, Vegemite, and a classic fry-up

What does a typical Australian breakfast consist of anyway? Contended Traveller reports that an Australian "brekkie" can take various forms. Still, the most popular option for most Aussies is a fry-up consisting of fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes. As an additional touch, beans and sausages can also be served on the plate for extra heartiness. Smashed avocado on toast topped with a poached egg is one of the most ordered breakfast dishes in Australian diners and cafes, and just like in America, the avocado toast has taken the foodie world by storm (per Oz Food Hunter). Banana bread is another popular breakfast option, especially when paired with a cup of cappuccino on the side. 

Finally, StudentEdge reports on a classic breakfast favorite of the past, although it's still beloved in most households. The dish is called Vegemite on toast, and it's made by spreading the thick and yeasty concoction over a slice of buttered bread. But now, there are a lot more modern breakfast options to choose from, such as kimchi, halloumi, roasted mushrooms, quinoa bowls, or a pudding based on chia seeds and coconut (per The Guardian). Vegan dishes are also becoming increasingly popular, and with the world turning a healthy new leaf, we do not doubt that anyone can find a tasty and nutritious breakfast bite in Australia.