Subway Stopped Serving Chicken Breast, And You Didn't Even Notice

Chicken breast isn't everyone's first choice of protein when dining at Subway. But now, it's not even an option on the menu.

Chicken is a classic sandwich filling, and chicken breast has been on Subway's menu for as long as many can remember; it was a staple ingredient in build-your-own orders and secret menu items such as the Chicken Cordon Bleu. However, the meat has come under heavy scrutiny over the years, after being exposed as allegedly containing just 50% chicken in a 2017 DNA test (via CBC News). The chain quickly refuted this test result, reassuring its customers that its chicken meat is in-fact, "100% white meat," according to a Subway representative speaking with TIME.

The meat continued to exist on Subway's menu, but then people across the country started to notice that it was no longer available. Here's exactly how Subway seamlessly stopped carrying chicken in stores.

The options slowly disappeared from stores

Throughout the month of September 2022, Subway had been dealing with a handful of supply chain issues, leading it to temporarily stop serving its popular Italian herb and cheese bread. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about its chicken breast, with some people on Reddit noticing its disappearance back in 2021. Though some locations still had it at the time, some commenters on the thread, "Did subway remove oven roasted chicken breast?" said that their local restaurant stopped serving it completely.

Since then, chicken breast has been phased out from more locations, with more recent Reddit threads popping up, and contributors discussing the absence of the protein at their stores. The Takeout reports that it has not seen an official statement from the chain addressing this change, nor has it responded to their request for comment. With the chain introducing new food items and promotions, some classics might see their way out. The traditional chicken breast just might be one of them.