The Unexpected Ice Cream Flavors You Can Now Get At Walmart

Imagine you're walking down the frozen aisle at your local Walmart. Although fall isn't exactly the time to make you crave waffle cones and ice-cold desserts, nothing beats a bowl of freshly scooped ice cream, right? Besides, there are plenty of fall-themed ice cream flavors out there, and pumpkin spice ice cream surely sounds better to you than pumpkin spice Spam or Pringles (yes, those exist). As you pass the rows of Great Value and Breyers-brand ice creams, you spot a brand that catches your eye: Van Leeuwen.

Originating from a SoHo ice cream truck in 2008, this ice cream company has one simple goal: to make good ice cream that's good for you. Van Leeuwen believes that "if you can't pronounce it, you probably can't digest it," focusing on pleasing customers with natural desserts in both dairy and vegan varieties. Flavors range from classic vanilla and strawberry to the more interesting brown sugar cookie dough chunk to a very eccentric Kraft macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream, which, according to Eater, was surprisingly buttery, cheesy, and overall shockingly good.

While Van Leeuwen's newest flavors aren't quite as bold as neon cheese dust, they're definitely fall-themed — and they're now available at Walmart.

Sweet potato casserole, Mexican hot chocolate, and more

Forget what you know about pumpkin spice, maple pecan, and other typical fall dessert flavors, as Van Leeuwen's new ice creams show a less stereotypical, more unconventional side of the autumnal flavor spectrum. According to a press release, the four new flavors include sweet potato marshmallow casserole; Mexican hot chocolate, which has fudgy chocolate marshmallow base infused with Tapatío hot sauce; and pumpkin cinnamon roll, a nutmeg-scented ice cream made with pureed pumpkin and swirled with cinnamon caramel. Rounding out the list is Van Leeuwen's wildberry layer cake, which folds chunks of yellow cake into berry-swirled vanilla ice cream.

These fall flavors — along with strawberry, honeycomb, and hazelnut fudge cookie — were rolled out nationwide at Walmart for a 10-week release, which should last until mid-November. The Impulsive Buy reviewed the selection and gave most of the pints a positive score. They found the sweet potato casserole, "creamy and sweet and sinfully delicious," to be their favorite of the bunch.