TikTok Is Cracking Up At A Dog Going Crazy Over McDonald's Fries

Although McDonald's makes tweaks to its menu, adding and dropping new items, there are a few staples that fans love, like the fries. According to a survey conducted by Mashed, over 40% of people think that McDonald's has the best fast food fries. We've looked into why McDonald's fries are so delicious, and part of their tastiness comes from the beef flavoring in the frying oil and the combination of salt and sugar on the fries. And it turns out, dogs also get excited about the fast food chain's signature thin-cut fries.

A TikTok video confirms this, showing some people sitting in a car with a bag of McDonald's food. But the star of the video is a little dog in a red sweater barking and jumping to get what's inside the takeout bag. The caption and text on the video explain that the dog is going crazy over McDonald's french fries, and the TikTok even caught the attention of the official McDonald's account, which left a comment saying, "me seeing this in the drive thru" along with two eyes and the lips emojis.

TikTok had a lot to say about the McDonald's loving dog

In the comment section of the TikTok, users were amused at this little dog's enthusiasm for McDonald's fries, and it looks like other dogs also want to steal a bite of this item. One person commented, "I thought my doggies went crazy for them fries!" Another person also sympathized with this video and said, "Mine too!! No joke they love them lol."

A few people joked about how the dog might react to another popular McDonald's item — the Sprite. For example, one person said, "Wait till he tries that McDonald's Sprite." The way the company makes the drink is what makes McDonald's Sprite taste different, but while a sniff won't hurt, your dog probably isn't going to love drinking soda.

According to Pet Honesty, you should never feed your dog raw potatoes, and while one McDonald's fry isn't going to cause any issues, fried potatoes aren't all that healthy for dogs. If you are bringing your dog with you to the drive-thru, here are some fast food chains that want to give your dog a treat, or you can make your dog a special homemade meal. Instagram was raving about Martha Stewart's homemade dog food for anyone looking for a recipe.