Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Is Back With A New Limited-Edition Flavor

Whether or not you're a fan of soft drinks, Pepsi is one of those brands that's been unquestionably present in supermarkets, gas stations, and stadiums for decades. How does a longtime product stay relevant though in an ever-changing technological climate? Pepsi has experienced steady economic growth over the last two years (via Macrotrends), and the brand's success may be due to its nostalgia-driven marketing.

Last year, Pepsi put its efforts into recreating old soda shop vibes by debuting the Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop with new flavors, Cream Soda and Black Cherry (per PR Newswire). Not only did the large-scale company make an effort to change the soda shop's logo to transport Pepsi fans to the past, but the iconic brand also enlisted the help of pop star Doja Cat to co-release a modern take on the hit classic "You're the One That I Want" from the famous movie "Grease" (via YouTube). The new version even premiered at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

According to Todd Kaplan, Pepsi's Vice President of Marketing (per Marketing Dive), when people are feeling the weight of the world in present-day America, looking back in time produces feelings of happiness. "That's where these trends have really bubbled to the top." Pepsi continues its nostalgia campaign in 2022: In addition to a new flavor, the company has again sought the help of another modern-day pop star to celebrate the release of the new limited-time product, retro-style.

The Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop released a 1980's-inspired zero-sugar variety

Among the recent release of new and wild limited-edition Pepsi flavors, the popular brand has also announced the resurgence of the Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop by debuting a new flavor: Zero Sugar Cream Soda Cola (per PR Newswire). The new flavor has emerged alongside musician Chlöe Bailey in a one-of-a-kind contemporary take on "Footloose" which harkens back to the original 1984 film (via Pepsi's YouTube).

The idea emerged from the "Footloose" trend that exploded on TikTok this summer. Kevin Bacon, the famous actor from the Paramount Pictures classic even took part in the viral challenge in July (via Insider). Pepsi has since decided to maximize on the popular theme and with the release of Zero Sugar Cream Soda Cola, the brand is encouraging fans to follow @Pepsi on TikTok and showcase their best dance moves from October 7 to 16. Participants should use hashtags #PepsiSodaShop and #PepsiSweepstakes with Chlöe Bailey's song in the background for a chance to win all kinds of goodies signed by the pop star (via PR Newswire).

This new collaboration with Chlöe Bailey is just one of many campaigns Pepsi has undergone to encourage brand engagement through social media. According to CNN, in January, Pepsi was awarding certain Twitter users 20-ounce bottles of the iconic Crystal Pepsi for showcasing unique pictures of themselves from the 1990s.