Hidden Valley Ranch Wants You To Chill On A $10,000 Pizza Couch

Are you dedicated enough to your favorite food to decorate your house in its likeness? As it turns out, there's a market for it — meaning the answer is "yes" for many connoisseurs. Ice cream lovers can toss their dirty laundry in a handwoven vanilla ice cream cone hamper with an iron frame (per Pottery Barn), and those with a love of breakfast can place flowers in orange-juice-shaped vase (via Bando).

Arguably even more interesting is decor made from actual food. Japanese artist Yukiko Morita first had the idea to make lamps out of bread while working in a bakery, per Food 52. The hollowed-out pieces of bread provide a place for LED lights and can be placed on a wall or countertop.

On October 6, Hidden Valley Ranch made its own contribution to food-inspired home decor when it released a product line inspired by pizza and ranch dressing (via Food & Wine). Because ranch is America's favorite pizza dipping sauce (per Hungry Howie's), it only makes sense that the two come together in the living room as well.

The brand released an entire home line

Hidden Valley Ranch teamed up with designer Dani Dazey to create a home décor line centered around pizza and ranch dressing, according to Food & Wine. The decorations are bright to match the packaging of Hidden Valley Ranch, featuring vibrant orange and cool teal color schemes. The home collection includes 14 products, such as placemats, tablecloths, and other kitchen essentials. It even includes a bed set complete with a comforter, pillow sham, and throw pillow. Perhaps the most eye-catching piece of them all is the poly velvet ranch couch in the shape of a pizza, which is selling for the massive price of $10,000. Those wishing to decorate their walls can do so as well with posters and wallpaper.

According to her website, Dani Dazey is the owner of her own clothing line, Dazey LA. She is known as a graphic designer, interior designer, fashion designer, textile designer, and artist. She makes all her T-shirts out of 100% cotton and believes that "every person that touches [her] tees should be positively impacted."