This Is What Happened When A Camel Used An In-N-Out Drive-Thru

Imagine that you're a worker at an In-N-Out Burger. It's your turn to man the drive-thru and, for what it's worth, it hasn't been a particularly busy day. As you finish off the order for a Double-Double and some fries, you get another order over your headset. The speaker on the other end puts in an order for fries — in fact, he orders a lot of fries, saying his "ride is hungry." You brush it off as the guy simply referring to his driver and get on with the order. It's only when you lean out the window to hand the man his order that you discover there is no second person or even a car at all; there's a camel standing there.

It seems that, despite the advent of the car, mankind still enjoys the delights of riding on an animal. Unlike our forefathers, however, we're not riding towards an oasis in the desert or across rugged forestlands, but instead taking a trip to the local drive-thru. In January 2022, a modern-day cowboy was spotted riding his horse up to a local McDonald's to grab a cup of coffee (via Thrillist), while in 2021, both man and steer decided to buddy up and take a drive to get a burger, with the cow riding shotgun the whole way there (via FOX News). 

Recently, one In-N-Out in Nevada played host to a man and his camel, both of whom had come for a night out on the town.

The camel is a rescue from a Colorado farm

The scene played out at an In-N-Out in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a camel strolled up to the drive-thru window looking for a quick dinner. According to ABC 7, this unusual display of urban transportation occurred on October 4, where onlookers and staff alike gathered around to see the majestic animal as it enjoyed a meal of French fries — before presumably being lead off to enjoy a few rounds at the slots. 

According to New York Post, Fergie the camel is actually a rescue from Colorado, living her life in a nearby animal sanctuary. In fact, In-N-Out isn't the only place she's visited before. Fergie's many adventures are detailed on Instagram, such as visiting a Bass Pro shop, a local Wendy's, and Chipotle. The camel is described as having a taste for French fries and is very patient.

Although PBS Nature tells us that camels usually have a diet of grass, grains, and oats, we're sure that a few potatoes here and there wouldn't do any harm. While it seems In-N-Out's fries are popular enough for even a camel to enjoy them, we'd wager that Fergie has yet to learn about some of In-N-Out's more "secret" menu items.