Guy Fieri Has No Words For This TikTok Egg Meal

If you've been on TikTok for any amount of time, chances are you may have come across recipe videos on your "for you page." We all remember the trending TikTok feta pasta recipe that everyone was making back in 2021, and there have been many, many viral recipes circulating on the platform since.

Some of these recipe videos have been known to get pretty outlandish, and many of the strangest recipes uploaded to the platform are made for shock value. Medium calls those "stunt foods," and notes that these attention-grabbing creations are made for businesses, purely for entertainment, or for showing off on social media. TikTok user @earlypete has made a name for himself sharing his thoughts on recipe videos, proclaiming whether the recipe is "stunt food" or "good food" (via Dalhousie Gazette).

In fact, it's become a trend in and of itself to react to some of the more bizarre kitchen creations that get posted to the app. Users like Early Pete or @chefreactions have amassed viral followings from sharing their food reactions on TikTok, and they're not alone. It's also not uncommon to see some famous faces popping up on TikTok to provide their expert opinions on food videos — including Guy Fieri.

TikTok egg hack baffles Guy Fieri

Celebrity chefs often have a presence on TikTok as well, and their reactions to other food videos on the platform are priceless. Recently, the Food Network shared a video to its TikTok page that left Guy Fieri absolutely speechless.

In the video, Fieri can be seen reacting to a video depicting what's described in the caption as an "egg loaf." And no, this isn't some sort of egg-based bread like challa or Italian Easter egg bread, it's exactly what it looks like: simply a loaf-shaped mass of eggs, all cooked together into one solid hunk. If you're confused, you're not the only one — even though he doesn't speak in the video, the befuddled expression across Fieri's face says it all. After all, it's no secret that eggs top the list of foods Fieri won't eat.

So what's the deal with this egg loaf, anyway? The Food Network website shared this recipe as a hack for making egg salad quicker, and a few fellow users on TikTok corroborated this kitchen strategy, including the official page for the Instant Pot. Will you give this hack a try, or are you as stunned as Guy?