Cheese Lovers Need To Know About Costco's Returning Advent Calendar

What kid doesn't look forward to Christmas Day? As soon as December rolls around, most of us probably remember anxiously counting down the days until Santa would come and deliver our piles of presents and stocking stuffers. But that joyful anticipation doesn't have to end once we grow up. In fact, these days, there are plenty of adult-theme advent calendars on the market that just might make the waiting even more fun than the big day itself.

Now, adults can eagerly cross off the days leading up to Christmas Day with boozy beverages, chocolate, and even hot sauce advent calendars (via Brew Your Own Batch). But where does one find the perfect advent calendar to kick off the season? The wholesale superstore Costco is certainly a good place to start. In the past, Costco has released a popular wine advent calendar and a German-style beer advent calendar to celebrate the season. And now the store has good news for fans of fancy cheeses. Its 12 Festive Cheese advent calendar is back in stock for the 2022 holiday season. Instagram user @costcobuys recently spotted this cheesy calendar back on store shelves and couldn't wait to share the news with their followers. "Cheese advent calendars are at Costco! This includes 12 festive cheeses imported from Europe and is PERFECT for cheese lovers," they posted on Instagram.

The advent calendar features 12 fancy imported cheeses

Many of their Instagram followers were excited about the return of Costco's festive cheese calendar, although a few folks did point out that it seemed a little early to be thinking about the advent season. "Calm down it's October," @alpha_lyss joked. However, most commenters were just planning to get their hands on one of these yummy calendars. "I'm going to buy one this weekend!!!" wrote one excited fan. One follower remarked that this was an "advent calendar I can get on board with," while another user pointed out that it "would pair perfectly with the wine advent calendar." "Ok this is my kind of Advent," agreed another Costco fan.

However, this calendar does come with a pretty hefty price tag at $54.99 for the 3-plus pound box (via Instagram). But when you consider the fact that each advent square contains enough cheese to be shared with up to four people (via Subscription Box Ramblings) and the box features fancy, higher-end options, like aged goat cheese, the price may seem more reasonable. So if you have a few buddies, you might want to split this unique advent calendar with this holiday season, or if you are just a big fan of all things cheesy, this could be the perfect way to count down the days to Christmas.