Costco's Wine Advent Calendar Has Already Been Spotted In Stores

Boy, it seems like every year that Christmas is coming earlier and earlier — merchandise-wise, that is. It seems like the moment October ends, you have everything from malls to TV commercials breaking out the holly and tinsel while Mariah Carey's famous (or some say infamous) Christmas song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," blares through the speakers. While we here at Mashed love nothing more than celebrating the Christmas season, even we're surprised at how quick stores are breaking out into the holiday spirit.

Some, like The Daily Meal, argue that celebrating a tiny bit of Christmas earlier than expected is good, as it helps those seeking to manage their budget before the holiday season. And Costco seems to share the same sentiment about celebrating the holidays early, albeit with a much more adult-friendly idea about how one should be counting down the days until December 25. 

Costco Insider posted on its Instagram that the chain's famous wine-themed advent calendar has been spotted in a Costco in Waltham, Massachusetts. For only $99.99, a customer could sample a small variety of wines each day starting December 1 until December 25. And Costco's wine advent calendar isn't just your average advent calendar of wine. You actually get a pretty surprising selection of wines to enjoy each day, with each one promising to take you on an "advent-ure" (each 375 ml bottle of wine comes from somewhere around the world).

Costco's wine 'advent-ure' has gotten mixed reviews

For $99.99, you get a box of 24 375 ml bottles of wine from different places around the world. While this may sound like a steal to some, there are no doubt those who may have some questions first. Is this good wine? Where are some of the places the wines come from? You wouldn't want to drop nearly $100 on wine that isn't very good, right?

Reverse Wine Snob reviewed the calendar back in October 2021, noting that the variety of red and white wines come from places well-known for their wine-making such as Italy, France, Spain, and even Greece. The review did, however, claim that the taste-testers were "disappointed" by the wine selection, as only a small handful were deemed to be quality. 

Hannah Loewentheil of BuzzFeed is a bit kinder towards the wine advent calendar. While she does note that the wine probably wouldn't be anything incredibly high-class or top-shelf, the wines were a decent enough price and would be good enough to introduce people to different types of wines from different regions around the world. If anything, it would be a fun novelty gift to share with friends.