Was This GBBO Dessert Inspired By The Corn Kid?

The "corn kid" — whose real name is Tariq — stole hearts with his love of corn when he first appeared in an interview on YouTube channel Recess Therapy. Since then, Tariq's words have been used in a catchy song and many memes all over the internet. In the video, he describes what he likes about corn and wishes everybody a "corntastic day!"

Anyone watching the latest Mexican Week episode of the "Great British Baking Show" may have thought contestant, Syabira was a fan of the corn kid as every dish she cooks in the episode contains corn. "Corn is very popular in Mexico," she says during the first challenge while making the traditional Mexican sweet bread known as 'concha.' The contestant's version was Corn on the Cob Conchas, which contained a filling of corn and coconut custard. For her showstopper challenge, she decided to go with something unconventional and created a 'Sweetcorn and Tres Leches Cake.' Judge Paul Hollywood asked Syabira why she'd want corn in a cake. "I like the idea of it," she responds.

It's a 'corntastic' episode for Syabira

GBBO judge Prue Leith tasted the cake and said, "It's such a surprise. It tastes like sweetcorn. We asked you to be imaginative, well...that is imaginative. My only quarrel is it would have been better not to have the lumps of corn." The corn kid might not agree with the judge's assessment since he describes corn as "a lump with knobs"; however, Syabira's use of corn in the episode was enough to inspire people on the GBBO's Instagram page with quotes from the YouTube star. A meme on the social media platform features a trio of images — two with the baker stating that she was making "corn on the cob pan dulce" and "sweetcorn sponge" with a center image of her conchas. Comments started with, "It's CORN," followed by, It's got the juice!". Another said, "spent the entire episode singing the song."

While many might be thinking Syabira was inspired by the corn kid, unfortunately, it was just a coincidence that this corn-filled episode aired while the corn kid videos are still fresh in people's minds. According to National World, The Great British Baking Show is filmed in the UK from April until June each year, making it impossible for Tariq to have had any influence on the GBBO contestant — his interview with Recess Therapy first aired in August of this year.