TikTok Is Cracking Up Over A Costco Shopper's Reaction To Its Chicken

Costco shoppers are constantly finding new items on the grocer's shelves, and with the holidays coming around, the product debuts seem to be increasing tenfold. Just within the last month alone, the chain has caught the eyes of members with a slew of never-before-seen goodies like pricey quesadilla meal kits, onion and garlic dip, and holiday-themed rugs, each of which has, in turn, generated some serious buzz online when shared by Costco-obsessed Instagrammers such as @costcohotfinds.

Of course, returning holiday favorites such as Costco's massive pumpkin pies and wine advent calendars have also caused a stir amongst cardholders after finally making their long-awaited returns to the store. However, the reaction one Costco shopper recently had to one of the big-box retailer's most famous evergreen items is what's giving the internet a laugh.

TikTok user @megsterwilson gets the credit for capturing the blink-and-you-might-have-missed-it moment, which began with a Costco employee pulling a set of rotisserie chickens out of the oven. "That feeling when the Costco chicken comes out," read the text overlay on the September 28 clip as Rachel Panchal's version of "A Whole New World" from "Aladdin" played in the background. The camera then panned to one of the TikToker's fellow Costco members, who was watching in awe as the deli worker handled the fresh batch of birds. "Costco Rotisserie Chickens Are Jaw Droppingly Delicious," the TikToker captioned the post. We can't speak for every Costco cardholder, but based on this TikTok video, it seems there's at least one who agrees.

Many TikTokers found this man's reaction incredibly relatable

According to Reader's Digest, Costco has been selling its famous $5 rotisserie chickens since 2009. However, after seeing the reaction one shopper had to a batch of the succulent birds being taken out of the oven in TikTok user @megsterwilson's recent video, you might think they were just now making their debut at the chain.

Since being shared on September 28, the post has been viewed over 6 million times, which is just 100 million shy of matching the number of rotisserie chickens Costco sold in 2021 (via Investor Costco). Additionally, the upload has also accrued thousands of comments from others on the platform, many of whom just as impressed with the shopper's response to the fresh batch of chickens as the shopper was to the birds themselves.

"This is amazing ty for recording," one TikToker wrote. "Lmao I was not ready," quipped another. Some, like TikTok user @2tim215, found the clip to be incredibly relatable. "I know the feeling. I buy two each visit. We're talking about chicken noodle soup, chicken burritos, chicken quesadillas," they said.

"It's always just spinning there when you walk in its a miracle when they take it out," a fourth TikToker noted — but for anyone wondering, the shopper wasn't just there to catch the show. In response to another comment, TikTok user @megsterwilson confirmed the shopper did, in fact, make a poultry purchase, and not just for one bird. "He bought 3!" they said.