TikTok Is Shocked At Yet Another Happy Gordon Ramsay Review

At this point, it is safe to say that chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay is not known for having a sweet and timid personality. There's an extensive list of people who at some point couldn't or still can't stand Ramsay, including chef Jamie Oliver, the late great Anthony Bourdain, and even Ramsay's former business partner Danny Lavy. And while "Hell's Kitchen" winner and judge Christina Wilson told Mashed that behind the scenes, he is pleasant to work with, his fiery rants and explosive behavior in front of the camera have gained notoriety.

Given Ramsay's history as a harsh food critic, it should be no surprise that TikTok was shocked to see him give a happy review of homemade meals featured in a video. This comes shortly after he gave a positive review of another TikTok video of a shepherd's pie, which he complimented throughout. With at least 1.2 million likes, it's safe to say TikTok loved what they saw this time around. Let's dive deeper into the user comments.

A happier Ramsay

In a July TikTok video, user cindyxcs prepared a series of dishes that she served to a man at a table and wanted the chef to rate how she did. The dishes included a multi-tiered burger smothered with melted cheese with a side of chips, meat with veggies, and desserts that included seemingly meta sandwich cookies that resembled the Cookie Monster eating tiny chocolate chip cookies.

While her caption read, "okay, I'm ready to get roasted now," it turned out her boyfriend was the target of Gordon Ramsay's roast. In a recent response to the video, he said, "Wow, [the dishes] look great, creative." But then his attention turned to the man. Ramsay asked, "Has he proposed yet? If not, he needs to get his [expletive] together." She graciously responded by commenting, "OMG, so glad you didn't roast me, haha thank you, chef."

Ramsay's niceness and sound advice were not lost on his fans, who provided over 2,400 comments on his post. User tiffriff said, "Gordon couldn't find anything wrong- but the fact he hadn't proposed! You gotta now!" This sentiment reverberated throughout the comments. Celebrity Chef Nick DiGiovanni even remarked on Ramsay's recent change of attitude, saying, "Wow – Gordon has been happy lately." The Cooler Queen jokingly suggested he may have a new profession, "Lmao can you imagine Gordon Ramsay as a matchmaker???? I'd watch that show."