Annie's New Mac & Cheese Is Double The Deliciousness

Having a few instant meals on hand is always a good idea for days when you're busy or just don't feel like cooking. Whether you're making dinner for your kids or yourself, boxed mac and cheese is a classic quick meal. It's easy to upgrade boxed mac and cheese according to your flavor preferences by adding some spices, proteins, or crispy toppings, and one ingredient swap that will make your boxed mac and cheese creamier is Greek yogurt in place of milk. But if your goal is to make your meal extra cheesy, you won't necessarily need to have spare cheese in the fridge as long as you have a certain new Annie's product on hand.

In an Instagram post last month, Annie's announced its new Extreme Cheese mac and cheese, which reportedly has 50% more cheese than the brand's original boxes. The Extreme mac and cheese is made with pasta shells and comes in two flavors: Real Aged Cheddar and White Cheddar. In the comments section of the post, most fans expressed their excitement for the new flavors, but some people would have been more impressed to see a gluten-free or vegan version of the extra cheesy mac. If you're in the latter camp, here's where to look for a box.

Where to find Annie's Extreme Cheese mac and cheese

Is this mac and cheese with extra cheese the boxed meal of your dreams? According to Chew Boom, you can purchase Annie's Extreme Cheese at Target stores across the United States. Additionally, other major retailers appear to have the new item on their shelves, based on a look at Instacart's website. Chew Boom reports that this mac and cheese has a suggested retail price of $3.98 at Target, so you can likely expect to pay about $4 elsewhere. As for what exactly constitutes an extra cheesy packet of cheese dust, the Annie's website lists a simple blend of dried Cheddar, butter, milk, salt, and natural thickeners and "anticaking" compounds.

If stores around you are out of stock, you can always make your own mac and cheese at home. The right recipe is nearly as simple as the kind from a box. For example, try this one-pot spinach and feta mac and cheese recipe, or if you want to get fancier, whip up this creamy homestyle mac and cheese with a homemade roux.