Jelly Belly Launches New Harry Potter Candy Just In Time For Halloween

The world of Harry Potter is coming to local candy aisles to the delight of HP fans everywhere with some new treats. Jelly Belly is adding to their already impressive range of Wizarding World candies, which include the chocolate frogs Harry and Ron buy while aboard the Hogwarts Express, chocolate wands and Hogwarts house crests, and the always fun — and sometimes surprising – Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (per Jelly Belly). Many fans will recall the assortment of jelly beans includes some untraditional flavors like earwax, soap, vomit, and sausage. Contrary to popular assumption, those flavors do not make Jelly Belly the candy company with the most unusual flavors. That unconventional honor goes to the muggles at Chocolate Storybook cotton candy.

Now, it's been more than a decade since the last of the Harry Potter films, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," premiered, but fans still crave more surprises from the franchise. Jelly Belly is obliging with five sweet new ways to sink your teeth into the wizarding world.

Wizarding World candies

We hope you like Butterbeer, because that's the focus of Jelly Belly's new Harry Potter treats. This will be the candy company's first foray into creating a Butterbeer product, and it claims to be the first Butterbeer candy on the market (per PR Newswire). Jelly Belly has created not one, but two Butterbeer-flavored candies: A chew and a milk chocolate bar with a smooth Butterbeer filling. The Butterbeer Chewy Candies are adorable little chews that look like miniature caramel-colored mugs full of the frothy brew, complete with foam. 

And fans can take it a step further with two new gift sets. The first includes a Butterbeer glass mug, filled with Butterbeer chews and a collectible coaster, while the second is a barrel tin loaded with chewy Butterbeer candies (via PR Newswire).

But the pièce de résistance for many fans may be the House Points Counter Dispenser. The manual jelly bean dispenser mimics the house points counter seen in Harry Potter films. Each clear column is decorated with a house crest and filled with color-coordinated jelly beans: green apple for bold Slytherin, lemon for loyal Hufflepuff, cherry for brave Gryffindor, and blueberry for erudite Ravenclaw. Seated next to the artfully displayed beans is a replica sorting hat, who sorts visitors at the press of a button (per PR Newswire). Between new Butterbeer candies and jelly beans, Halloween and the holidays are shaping up for some tasty wizarding fun.