Rachael Ray Gives Her 'Secret' To A Perfect Burger Ahead Of NYC Burger Bash

Have you ever found yourself sitting around at home, leafing through a magazine and watching Food Network, and asked yourself how Rachael Ray really feels about burgers? Our guess is, probably not, because the food television star has never been shy about her love of burgers. From her Season 1 episode "The Burger Blues" on "30 Minute Meals" (via IMDb) to her "Rachael Ray Show" recipe for game day Super Burgers, Ray has made it clear that she's kind of an expert when it comes to this iconic food. She even hosts a yearly Burger Bash cooking competition at the New York City Wine & Food Festival that stars like Bobby Flay participate in.

Ray has shared lots of good burger-making advice in the past, like how cooks should make a tiny patty before cooking a batch of burgers to make sure that they're well seasoned enough, but she's got even more tips up her sleeve. Ahead of the 15th annual Burger Bash, Ray has spilled some more of her burger secrets.

Ray says skip the grill for great burgers

In an interview with Marketwatch, Rachael Ray presented some burger opinions that might be controversial. She started off by stating, "There are a lot of people who say a burger can only be beef ... I do believe a burger can be made out of anything." Ray's chicken burger recipe is proof enough of that. But what asked to reveal her "the secret to making a good burger," her best tip had to do with how it's cooked.

A grid of grill marks might look good on a burger, but Ray isn't a fan of how burgers cook on a grill grate. "I like cooking a la plancha instead of over a grill grate ... I like a flat surface," she shared. Along with making patties thinner at the center and thicker on the edges, burgers cooked a la plancha will "get that nice crust on each side." Cooking the burgers on a flat surface means more of the meat will come into contact with the heat, creating a deep and flavorful crust thanks to the Maillard reaction (via Serious Eats). 

Last but not least, Ray thinks less is more when it comes to burgers. "I've had some burgers at the Bash that have like nine things going on and the burger itself gets lost," she shared. Take note, potential Burger Bash contestants — and those who just want to make delicious hamburgers at home.