How Noel And Mel Deal With Cake Outside Of GBBO

British game show "Taskmaster" has only grown in popularity throughout the years since the idea for the show was conceived by host Alex Horne in 2009. With its absurd celebrity challenges that will leave your stomach in knots from belly-laughing until the end, Horne and co-host Greg Davies never seem to have a shortage of hilarious tasks to assign various comedians each season. 

For comedic hosts Noel Fielding and Mel Giedroyc of "The Great British Bake Off," their cake-related task in Series 4 put their wit and whimsy to the test. In the show, we see each comedian approaching a table with a beautifully decorated cake as they open their wax-sealed envelopes disclosing their assignment.

In the YouTube clip, Fielding reads the task aloud while stifling his laughter, announcing that he is to "destroy this cake." The contestants each have 30 minutes to wreck their cakes as beautifully and creatively as they can, using any tools at their disposal to win the challenge. After seeing so many "GBBO" bakers go through the torment of having their labors of love turn out wrong or accidentally get destroyed in the tent, it must have felt cathartic on some level for Giedroyc and Fielding to have this taste of sweet revenge. Both comedians took their own uniquely entertaining approaches to this destructive task to win over the "Taskmaster" hosts and its audience.

One comedian smashed it and the other ... washed it?

Of the "GBBO" pair, the first to take on the "Taskmaster" challenge was Noel Fielding, who carries a gentle soul underneath those fierce and fab fashion choices. Rather than demolishing his cake, he chose to let a washing machine commit such violence on his behalf. With the camera positioned on the inside of the washer, we see the "Great British Baking Show" host carefully insert the cake into the mouth of the machine as he presses start on the spin cycle. 

Watching it tumble around, Fielding chuckles darkly like a villain watching his master plan come into fruition. After hosts Alex Horne and Greg Davies had a good laugh about it, Mel Giedroyc asked Fielding what cycle he chose, to which he flatly responds, "Just the regular one. I wasn't trying to clean the cake." 

Next was Giedroyc's turn. The "GBBO" presenter twitched on stage as the hosts spoke of how she'd chosen to destroy her own cake, pleading that they not "say the 'c' word." After reading the task on her envelope thoughtfully, Giedroyc didn't hesitate to grab the cake and flip it completely upside-down, aggressively smashing it onto the table until it became mush. Backing out of the room and closing the door behind her, it was clear she wanted that cake dead. It must have felt good, too.