The One Ingredient Matty Matheson Can't Live Without - Exclusive

"Yes, Chef!" — that phrase has been stuck in our heads since "The Bear" premiered this summer on Hulu. It's a good bet that the culinary consultant for the television series, Matty Matheson, could say the same thing. "The Bear" is set to return for a second season to continue the story revolving around high-profile chef Carmy, played by actor Jeremy Allen White. The FX series is praised for its accuracy of the restaurant industry as Carmy returns to Chicago to keep his late brother's deli afloat. While the show is extremely entertaining, it also highlights the stress and anxiety that customers often don't see in a restaurant kitchen.

Matty Matheson assisted with that realism in the show — the Canadian chef helped cultivate a precise business environment, from aiding recipes to food placement. In an exclusive interview with Mashed at the New York Times Food Festival, he revealed how "The Bear" extended his culinary knowledge to Italian-American food through his work with his fellow food consultants.

But as he is also a restaurateur with "Prime Seafood Palace" in Toronto, his culinary knowledge reaches past what you can see on the famous television series (per Architectural Digest). With Matheson's chef experience and expertise in French food, one can only wonder what ingredient he can't live without. It turns out that it's a pretty relatable one.

Matheson always uses salt

Matty Matheson may be better known to Hulu audiences for his comic relief as the handyman, Neil Fak, on "The Bear," so it may be surprising for some to learn about his culinary talents. The Toronto-based chef revealed that his favorite ingredient is one of the restaurant industry's classics — salt. He gave Mashed a simple explanation as to why: "Because it makes everything taste better." He's not wrong, as salt offers a variety of options and elevations in a flavor profile. Table salt, Kosher salt, Himalayan pink salt, or sea salt — just to name a few varieties — never fail to take a dish from good to great when used properly.

As "The Bear" writers create a second season, it's not hard to imagine that salt will be involved. Matheson will again be returning to the next set of episodes as both a character and as a culinary consultant, with Season 2 set to come out sometime in 2023 (per TV Guide). Until then, we will be patiently waiting to come around to see what's next for the cast — and maybe eating some of the delicious dishes featured on the show.

Head to Matty Matheson's Instagram page to keep up with his current projects, or learn more about "The Bear" on FX's website.