The Fall Flavored Yogurt Pretzels Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Grab

It's fall, y'all, and the aisles at Aldi are filled with autumn favorites including apple-, pumpkin-, and squash-flavored, well, just about everything. No matter where you shop during this part of the year, you're bound to be bombarded with pumpkin-flavored something or other. As always, items vary by store, but some Aldi fall items include pumpkin flavoring in items as varied as cake roll, flavored coffee, and cream cheese

Instagrammer @ohheyaldi regularly chronicles their Aldi finds, which have not only included fall-inspired favorites, but also timely holiday items like Day of the Dead succulent pots, Halloween pasta, and Emporium Selection Halloween cheeses with spooky names like Freaky Franken Sage Derby and Bat Knit Crazy Cheddar.

While all this certainly sounds delicious and festive, sometimes you're more interested in a snack, whether it be popcorn, nuts, or perhaps even pretzels. As it turns out, Aldi even has yogurt-covered pretzels in two fall favorite flavors, pics of which were shared on both @ohheyaldi's and @adventuresinaldi's Instagram accounts.

Instagram says pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon yogurt pretzels are so delicious

@ohheyaldi and @adventuresinaldi both recently took to Instagram to share a stellar fall-inspired Aldi find: Clancy's yogurt-covered pretzels in two autumn flavors: pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon. @adventuresinaldi reports that the seven-ounce orange and red bags of pretzels can be found in the Aldi Finds aisle, a part of the store also known among shoppers as "the Aldi aisle of shame." Each bag costs $2.99. As far as taste goes, one writer for Insider said of the pumpkin spice flavor: "The pretzels found the ideal balance of sweet and salty."

@adventuresinaldi wrote in their caption, "These dang yogurt-covered pretzels are the PERFECT fall snack!!!" It seems as though Aldi shoppers agree, as the two posts combined have nearly 400 likes, as of this writing. Fans also chimed in, sharing how much they also love the pretzels. "So delicious!" commented Instagrammer @walmarting while @donnathenarwhal shared, "They're both so good!" "Yummy yummy," wrote @qualls4205 along with two yummy face emojis. In another reply, @trackingitall_jen commented, "The pumpkin spice are addicting!!!"

If these comments are any indication, these fall treats will be flying off the shelves faster than they can be stocked.