Reddit Is Celebrating This In-N-Out Potato Chip Fry

If you're a fan of In-N-Out, then you know that the beloved fast food chain is known for its fresh, delicious food. The company's burgers and fries are some of the best around, and fans of the chain are always eager to share their favorite menu items with one another while dabbling in the delicacies of In-N-Out's Not-So-Secret menu items.

From the 3x3 and 4x4 to the grilled cheese and the Flying Dutchman, the In-N-Out secret menu is varied and full of tasty options. Of course, there are some creations that are a bit more unusual than others, such as the combination of one Reddit user's entrée, which they lovingly referred to as "Roadkill Style" — a play on the popular "Animal Style" option.

And then there are some In-N-Out items that aren't really an item at all — rather, they are serendipitous, one-off occurrences that still manage to delight In-N-Out fans.

An In-N-Out fry anomaly

Recently, a picture of what appears to be a potato chip served at In-N-Out surfaced on Reddit. The picture, which was posted on the r/innout subreddit, shows a small tray with what looks to be fried potato chip on it. The chip bares a similar resemblance to that of Buffalo Wild Wing's buffalo chips and is most likely a sliced-off end of one of the potatoes used for the chain's iconic hand-cut fries.

Reddit users had fun with the post, sharing their own theories on how the chip got made. "Mmmm someone didn't fit the potato in the masher right," reads one comment. "That got put in the spinner, taken out of the spinner, dropped in a fryer, pulled out of a fryer, salted, portioned, packaged, and handed out, without being spotted," reads another.

One comment, though, seems to have perfectly guessed what occurred. "Based on the fact that there's no fry boat visible," wrote the user, "I'm gonna assume this is an associate meal — I've definitely been given these chunks with my fries before just as a joke, the fry person does spot them, but if there's an associate burger waiting for fries we'll toss it in just for the laughs." The original poster confirmed that the picture was, in fact, from their associate meal.

So, sorry In-N-Out fans. Unless you work at one of the restaurants, it doesn't look like there's any chance of getting your hands on the unofficial In-N-Out potato chip.