The Starbucks Latte Art That's Stunning Reddit

How often do you think about the precision that goes into making a hearty cup of coffee, let alone latte art? Good latte art can make a person's day or even help them find love (Remember the viral TikToker who won over her crush with cute latte art?) Much like how painting skills take time to master, it takes a lot of practice and determination for a barista to create artistic patterns in the foam atop your latte, per the Paulig Barista Institute blog. Different variables like the position of the wand, the amount of foam in the milk, and the position of the cup while pouring can affect the outcome.

People might not always appreciate the labor of love, but competitions like the World Latte Art Championship provide platforms to those who can make excellent latte art. Some show off their talents on social media. A Redditor with the username Either-Effective-504 showed off their impressive Starbucks latte art, and the netizens were thoroughly impressed.

Reddit finds this Starbucks latte art wholesome

Blown away by latte art depicting the Starbucks siren, admirers showered Redditor Either-Effective-504 with compliments. User FlowerofLove3 gushed, "This is amazing! I really appreciate people who do this, it can really boost your mood and make a day better." Redditor beesinmymouth, who is apparently a barista, was curious about the process: "This is super awesome! [It'd] be cool if you could somehow ever do like a video of you doing it too. [I'd] love to see the process!" A third user said, "You're extremely skilled! It's so pretty." According to the OP, it took them about 15 to 30 minutes to make the art since they were also serving customers at a Kroger kiosk. Pretty impressive!

The OP used a stopper to create the latte art. Although the reviews were glowing, they said their art wasn't perfect and felt flattered when a Redditor assumed they might have photoshopped the picture. In a separate post, they shared a picture of another latte art that seemingly tried to depict Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." It was another hit in the Redditverse (although one Redditor thought it looked like "Vladimir Putin with hair").