Redditors Question 'Blue Stuff' In Domino's Pizza Crust

When looking for a pizza company that will deliver, you'll probably find that Domino's isn't too far away. According to Scrape Hero, the popular pizza chain boasts over 6,500 locations throughout the United States, so you often won't be trekking too far for a Domino's fix. While being labeled as the first company to design the lucrative and sturdy pizza box we all have come to recognize, Domino's has had an ongoing flux of good and bad press over the years. 

The pizza industry as a whole saw a surge in sales in 2020 (via The New York Times), yet Domino's pizza is no longer the "favorite" choice among consumers due to an increase in prices, citing labor shortages, supply chain issues, inflation, and global politics. Additionally, Domino's is still struggling with its delivery methods, and not making any promises to improve delivery times.

Among all of these growing problems, it seems like Domino's might have to take on yet another weird occurrence to figure out, this time with its pizza appearance. The issue at hand? Mysterious "blue stuff" found in the crust.

Blue dye could be the culprit

Imagine ordering a pizza and seeing weird blue dots on your crust. You would probably be a little alarmed. This actually happened to a Domino's customer. In a photo posted on Reddit, you can clearly see some blue dots along the crust of a slice. "What is this blue stuff???" asked the OP.

At first glance, it almost looks like mold, which is not a far stretch considering pizza is made with bread and cheese. Users offered up some reasons other than mold for the weird blue specks on the crust. "I believe it might be ink from the pizza box. We've had a few boxes show up at my store recently with bits of blue ink on the inside of the boxes. Check the lid of your box if you still have it," one commented. "Very very common. The scrapers for the dough trays occasionally nick a piece of the blue tray," added another.

Still though, who would want to eat that? "Thank you all for your comments. Idk if it was from the dough tray, but I contacted dominos for a remake. If not it's still fine since you guys all said it was from the dough tray which tells me the other slices should be fine," the OP commented.

Here's what happens when you accidentally eat mold, in case you're now wondering. And the next time you order from Domino's, be sure to check your slices for blue-dotted crust.