Ordering From Jack In The Box Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Jack in the Box bills itself as being the wild and outrageous cousin to all of the other mainstream fast food restaurants and the chain likes to show off how cool and wild it is. For example, does your local McDonald's sell cheeseburgers with a grilled cheese sandwich instead of a top bun (via Brand Eating)? Did Burger King ever get called out for comparing teriyaki bowls to a certain part of male anatomy (via CBS News)? No, but Jack in the Box did both of these things.

For a restaurant that likes to break from the tired norms of traditional fast food, it should be no surprise that Jack in the Box also wants to reimagine how customers order their food. In 2019, according to Nation's Restaurant News, the chain launched an enormous overhaul of its menu and drive-thru system with the end goal of creating a system that promoted faster service, more accurate orders, and less food waste. Although this involved removing certain menu items as part of this streamlining process, the chain believed that the increased revenue from the improved drive-thru system would make up for it.

Perhaps to pair with the new drive-thru model, Jack in the Box is also releasing a new online ordering system that includes a major remodel to its app and its website.

Jack in the Box is focusing on online ordering

On October 13, QSR Magazine reported that Jack in the Box rolled out an enormous remodel to not only its mobile app but its website, too. The chain paired with "digital innovation partner" Bounteous to design and remodel a website and app that, according to Jack in the Box, would focus on a simple, easy-to-use, and attractive interface that allows everything from full-menu ordering, customization options, and an "integrated loyalty program."

In a press release via Business Wire, Jack in the Box CMO Ryan Ostrom explained that the launch of a refurbished website and app was the first step in a process that would combine a focus on increasing customer loyalty and the modernization of the company's "tech stack" to create a "personalized and seamless digital guest experience." This sentiment was shared by Bounteous Managing Director Jesse Dundon, who claimed that the ultimate goal of working with Jack in the Box was the creation of a system that would "continuously optimize direct commerce channels that drive customer loyalty and increased lifetime value."

This isn't the first time Jack in the Box has announced its dream of creating a restaurant enterprise in which technology goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction. Earlier in the summer, the chain announced that it would be focusing on more technologically advanced Jack in the Box locations involving robots that flip robots and express pick-up options, according to Nation's Restaurant News.