Redditors Are Drooling Over Trader Joe's Sweet Mango Cream Bars

Trader Joe's is a small but mighty grocery outlet that ditches most name-brand goods in exchange for TJ-branded items. The chain is known for reinventing the wheel by adding their own clever flair to classic dishes. Do you like samosas? What about chicken tikka masala? Trader Joe's offers chicken tikka samosas — ingenious! But that's just one example of the zany, myriad items the grocery store stocks. One frozen dessert, in particular, has TJ's customers raving.

In addition to other binge-worthy frozen sweets like their mini ice cream cones and ube mochi, Trader Joe's mango cream bars are having their moment. Although the fall season is officially in full swing, there's never a bad time to enjoy a creamsicle, especially a mango-flavored creamsicle. A gluten-free delight, TJ's mango cream bars have Reddit swooning. And if it comes from Trader Joe's, chances are it's made with whole ingredients listed at a fair price. Here's what Redditors are saying about Trader Joe's mango cream bars.

Trader Joe's sweet cream bars come in other flavors

Trader Joe's shoppers have taken to Reddit more than once to exalt Trader Joe's mango cream bars. One thread about the sweet, creamy popsicle began in September 2021, when a shopper posted a photo of the dessert's packaging. Along with the photo, the Reddit user wrote, "I bought them yesterday, then went back today for a couple more boxes." Evidently, the treats were so nice, they had to get them twice! Unsurprisingly, this post proved particularly popular among other denizens of the r/TraderJoes subreddit. By the time the post was archived, more than 220 users upvoted it, with many leaving a variety of interesting comments.

Another thread, posted in August 2022, sparked a discussion regarding personal experiences with the mango cream bar. In this thread, the original poster included three photos of the mango cream bars box before leaving a descriptive comment about the taste of the bar. In part, this user wrote, "10/10, will buy again. Excellent end-of-summer treat." Many other Redditors were also quick to simply heap praise on the frozen dessert. Notably, a number of commenters also used the opportunity to discuss Trader Joe's other flavored cream bars, including tangerine and blueberry. Although many seemed to mourn the currently discontinued tangerine, opinions in the comments were mixed on blueberry.

According to Fooducate, the mango cream bar has only 60 calories, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, and 4.5 grams of added sugar per serving — a rare set of numbers for a dessert. So not only is it delicious, but it's also relatively guilt-free. Bring a little summer to your fall season with the fruity, creamy, frozen delicacy that is Trader Joe's mango cream bar.