Why Reddit Is Questioning Aldi's Bananas

Move over apples, bananas are the most popularly consumed fresh fruit in America at 13.4 pounds per person, according to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This portable yellow edible can serve as a quick breakfast bite on the go or as a healthy addition to your children's school lunch.

You've also probably heard by now that bananas are a good source of potassium. That's accurate, to the tune of 9% of your daily requirement, which is beneficial because potassium helps improve heart health and reduce your risk of stroke. Bananas are also packed with fiber, particularly the soluble kind that can aid in regulating cholesterol and blood pressure (via WebMD).

But not everyone is, well, bananas about this tropical fruit. Despite its per capita popularity and health benefits, bananas still managed to land on our list of worst fruits ever for what some have described as its unpleasant, squishy texture and offensive, overly sweet smell. While Reddit doesn't have a problem with bananas in general, there are some Redditors who are specifically questioning what is wrong with Aldi's bananas.

The 'funky bunch'

User u/twistedpicture shared a photo to the subreddit r/Aldi of their Chiquita bananas, proclaiming, "Aldis bananas always skip the yellow ripe phase. I bought these when they were greenish, went straight to super ripe." The post elicited a range of responses from commenters, including some who offered a potential solution to the problem. One contributor stated, "I used to do banana runs when I drove semi truck. They are extremely sensitive to heat and cold. Two degree temperature shift can cause your issue."

Several commenters related similar experiences with Aldi bananas, calling it "weird." Corroborating the original poster's statement, one Redditor remarked, "There is never a logical progression with Aldi bananas, no matter what they look like initially." Another person claimed to drive out of their way to buy bananas at another grocery store, even though they already shop at Aldi for other items. Meanwhile, some suggested salvaging the fruit by freezing the bananas to use for making sweet treats such as smoothies or banana bread.

Others laid the blame squarely on the corporate produce brands Chiquita and Dole. Another user postulated that it might be "because they don't wrap their stems. Most other stores have a black or clear plastic wrap around the stems." Whatever the case, it appears the Aldi banana conundrum may not be solved anytime soon. Truth is, it's been going on for years (per Reddit).