TikTok Isn't Impressed With This Avocado Hack

Let's admit that it's a bit hard to create viral food content on social media today. Yes, it's fun — you eat out a lot or get to spend most of your days in the kitchen, and the best part is connecting with more foodies around the world. However, you must always be alert in spotting new trends and innovative Instagram aesthetics, using the latest trending songs on TikTok, and putting yourself out there constantly, as some experts advise. Also, the food community can be brutal, and they don't stay silent if they ever spot a bad viral recipe or hack.

A video on TikTok shows someone explaining an avocado #lifehack, ideal and convenient for when you only want to eat half. In the beginning, it shows a nice avocado-shaped cutting board, hands holding a knife, and an avocado ready to be sliced into. Then, the user cuts the avocado in half and keeps it in an avocado-shaped keeper to save it in the fridge. Apparently, most commenters don't appear to be thrilled at all with the utensils involved, and many are upset about the specific way in which the bumpy-skinned fruit is cut. This hack, with more than 37,300 likes, is going viral ... for the wrong reasons.

Maybe don't cut the avocado pit in half

"So we just gonna ignore how he cut through the pit?" wonders a user in the comments for the TikTok video. But people have been paying attention.

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone cut an avocado like that," said one person. "Can't trust the person who cuts the pit," added another, while other commenters have joined the conversation just with crying and angry emojis. However, not everything is lost: some appreciate the avocado-saver tip, noting, "that's so much better than wrapping it in Saran wrap." Others sympathized with the split pit, writing, "The amount of times I've accidentally cut the pit in half when splitting an avocado is insane."

According to PA Eats, cutting an avocado should be one of the easiest things to do, which mainly includes a cutting board, a knife, and a spoon. There are other tricks, like using a cooling rack to cut an avocado as Rachael Ray does.

But, the pit is an important part when storing an avocado. EatingWell explains that we should leave the skin and the pit because these block oxygen from reaching the flesh and keep it from getting brown and bruised. So, cut in half with the pit untouched, the avocado could be easily stored with plastic wrap to last for a couple of days, or in an avocado keeper. There's an additional bright side: This TikTok discussion teaches us an important lesson!